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Thread: Family Reunited With Rare Cat

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    Family Reunited With Rare Cat

    In spite of what the first sentence says, it was the cat that was returned, not the family.

    A Chicago family that lost their rare cat while vacationing in San Diego, Calif., has been found and returned to the family. The Foscos said a family from the La Jolla section of San Diego found their cat, Ivy, on July 29, about three miles from where it was first reported missing, according to ABC News affiliate KGTV. The Foscos says the cat's microchip led him to being properly identified.
    Ivy went missing July 17 when the Foscos were visiting the San Diego area. In a hurry to find their cat, they offered a $5,000 reward and hired a bloodhound team from Los Angeles to sniff out the cat. Regarding the reward, the Foscos said they reached an undisclosed settlement with the family that found Ivy.
    Ivy is a rare Savannah cat, which is no regular housecat. A Savannah is derived from breeding an African serval wild cat with a domestic cat. A first-generation cat can cost more than $20,000. Ivy is a second-generation, but still worth a lot of money.
    "It's really got nothing to do with the money in my eyes," Paul Fosco told KGTV after Ivy went missing. His son Mike owns the cat.
    The family stayed in the San Diego area for a few days after the cat initially went missing. They eventually went home to Chicago before returning last weekend to pick up Ivy.
    "For people who own pets and are truly in love with them, it's not just a pet," Fosco said. "It's a member of the family. It's more than just a cat or a dog."
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    I would have returned it for a $5,000 reward, also... granted, the cat was probably worth more than that, but even if someone tried selling it to someone else for profit, the second that family took it to a vet (assuming they did) and they scanned and found the microchip, they would have had to contact the owner's who's info showed up on the microchip, anyway. But bottom line, good thing someone found it and returned it.

    Vacationing with your cat... that's crazy to me, though.

    Oh and for the record I would have returned him too, reward or not (per my first sentence, just implying that *anyone* would return a found pet for that amount of money!!).


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    I would have returned him, too, money or not, although these days the money would be nice.

    I am a literal reader and the first sentence jumped out at me.
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    Beautiful cat! Glad it's safe and at home. I don't think I could accept money for returning a family pet, even if I needed the money. In regards to this cat that's worth a lot of money, I might take a small 'tip'.
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    I am glad he was returned I would have asked the owner to donate the reward to a rescue; Ordinary moggies need help too
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    Earlier this year we were looking at a house in Chicago we thought of buying. They had a savannah cat. I wonder.....

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    I am glad he was returned to his family. What a unique, beautiful looking cat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilith Cherry View Post
    I am glad he was returned I would have asked the owner to donate the reward to a rescue; Ordinary moggies need help too
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    great story with a happy ending, yes well if a reward was offered i am sure i would donate a big chunk of it to the shelters, in fact i can say that 100 per cent.
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