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Thread: Willy has crossed the bridge

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    I'm sorry I didn't reply to this sooner, I haven't been online for a while.
    I'm so sorry to hear that your sweet Willy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
    I know you did everything you could for him, he was such a special kitty and he knew that he was loved.
    Sending hugs your way.
    (I always loved the stories about him bringing you random little gifts)
    RIP sweet Samantha

    Milly & Izzy

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    Happy 1st Bridge Day sweet boy

    Memories of Willy ~

    I’ll never forget the day you discovered your voice. Meezers have a reputation for being talkative, but you didn’t seem to get that memo. When you were almost 2 years old, you let out a tiny squeak while stretching and yawning. I laughed when you leapt up and looked all around to find out who had made that noise. I feel blessed that I was there to witness that historic (and hysterical) moment.

    Every day was an adventure with you and goofy boy that you were, you made us laugh. Though, I’m afraid a lot of laughter was at your expense. Like the time you climbed into the big box that Dadcat had cut a round hole in. You kept popping your head up out of the hole. Your sister sat on top of the box and bopped you on the head every time. We had our own version of “Wack a Mole” that day.

    And the time you flipped the empty laundry basket over on yourself and ran around the house bumping into walls. You earned the name “Willy Turtle” that day.

    You had an amazing talent with remote controls. I don’t know how you did it, but you somehow always managed to hit some combination of buttons on the TV remote control with your big ‘ole feet that took us to stations or languages we didn’t know we had access to. But, I guess your best trick was when you stepped on the radio/stereo remote control and somehow set it up so that the radio came on every morning at 3:00 a.m. The reference manual was no help so we called the manufacturer to find out how to turn off the “timer” function. Turns out it didn’t have a timer! We had to unplug the system for several days to clear it. And then you did it again!!!!!!!!!

    I miss the presents you used to bring me each night ……… Well, not the live presents. I know it confused you when I ran around the house screaming like a total girl when you brought me a live, furry friend in the middle of the night. I do appreciate that you didn’t have the killer instinct but catching and releasing your little friends before the others could turn them into snacks, made for an interesting challenge.

    Thank you for talking to the Pet Communicator. Yes, you were a mighty hunter and you had beautiful feet. I hope you’ve been reunited with your father (Black Tail, you called him) during the session.

    We miss you sweet boy. You will never be forgotten. Willy Boy, Mama’s pride and joy……

    Happy 1st Bridge Day
    August 6, 2006 – August 4, 2012
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    Happy first bridge day, Willie. Hugs to your family down here.

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    Dear Lisa, may this anniversary day remind you of all your loving, precious memories of darling Willy and that you are together always.

    {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}} and ~~~~~~~PURRS~~~~~~~ and
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    So long, yet so recent

    My dear Lisa, it doesn't seem a year, and yet it seems longer. Your love for Willy is so blatant; I know he's happily waiting for you at the Bridge. "Don't fret, Mom; I'm happy - and can't wait 'til you get here to share my happiness!" (Well, Willy, your mom's friends are willing to wait a while. )

    Your memories of him made me smile and cry at the same time; separation is always so hard - I know. I like to think that your Willy and my Willie (maybe there's a "Willy/Willie Club"!) are playing together, friends because we are. Merlin's there, too, of course, and your beloved Kuhio.

    The pain eases, but the scars are always there, aren't they? You're not alone; we all know the pain of memories. May those memories bring a cleansing of pain.


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