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UPDATE: This is now being treated as a possible poison case. In one week there have been 7 kitten deaths. We are currently working with an amazing officer who specializes in animal cruelty. He is wonderful and he is taking this very seriously.

It has been an insane week. We rescued two saturday night who are in holding and who are both negative for fiv and felv, and with the exception of dental work needing to be done on one. appear to be healthy. Both are approx a year old.
We have about 7 left to rescue.

We also will need fosters and eventually placement, some in loving adoptive homes, others may be needing sanctuary or farms.

Of the two we have now, one is a very freindly calico female.
PLEASE READ THE CHIP IN LINK BELOW! It has current updated info. When I first assessed this colony a week ago I was trying to coordinate an entirely different operation. Things have changed rapidly since Wednesday. Our heads are spinning.
I am the contact: [email protected]
Again, all the things we need to successfully further and complete this rescue are holding spots, donations for emergency medical/vetting, transportation and food for fosters, TEMP FOSTERS, and eventually permanent placement. This is NOT a TNR effort. These cats cannot go back there.
Also, we have seen one young kitten left, about 8 weeks old. The rest are around 5 to 9 months old, and there is a 3 legged female. (She was apparently born that way.)

CHIP IN!!!!!
no donation is too small!

Thank you in advance for your help!!!
Lynn Spencer
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Subject: URGENT!! Bellville NJ, Woman needs help with kittens- town will remove and kill this week!
Town will remove kittens and kill them this week..

Mary Ann 201 953 6556 , she wants advice on what to do..and needs litter of kittens taken in. no more info sorry,

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