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    WOW, Jasmine, what a nice puppy. Mom, Dad & Kids: If you have patience, tolerance and a happy spirit, you are in for quite a wonderful ride with little Lady Jasmine. I've been there and done that!!! Because this is your first puppy, the adventure will be even greater. She's already showing her stuff by being our DOTD at such a young age. For all of you (including Jasmine) it's fun and memory making time. My wish for the entire household is loads of fun and happiness for many years to come.
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    Such a plump hug-able dog you are! With a family that really loves you, your days will be filled nothing but joy!

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    Hi Jasmine you are such a cutie! And it sounds like you have a great family- kids swimming and touys! Happy dotd!

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    Oh my goodness....what an adorable puppy! I LOVE her GB tag on her collar . She sounds like an amazing puppy who will grow up to be an awesome dog, family member, best friend

    Congrats on your top DOG OF THE DAY honor today! I hope you get an extra swim in today in celebration.

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    Jasmine is the cutest, bestest puppy ever! Peace and love

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    What an adorable girl you are Jasmine! Congrats on being DOTD! I hope you have a fun day!
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    What a sweet girl! Love your name too. You and your family are lucky to have found each other. You will find that families are the best!

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    Precious Jasmine!

    Oh, be still my Labbie loving heart!
    Hi Jasmine! (lLOVE your name!!!) Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet baby girl! Oh, how beautiful, how precious are YOU! You remind me so much of my Lab Star at 12 weeks...all belly, and SO full of energy! How lucky your family is to have a furry "first" in you, Jasmine! You've only been with your family a mere few weeks, and in true Labbie style, you're already supplying them with endless hours of smiles, laughter and love! What happy times await you and your family, what cherished memories you'll be making over the many years to come!! Every young person deserves a best furry friend to grow up with, and in you your skin siblings have the best!
    Thanks for the BIG smiles, Jasmine! Enjoy your much deserved day of honor, being spoiled and pampered to pieces (hope you can fit a swim in), and every minute of your wonderful life!!!
    Hugs and kisses, woofs and happy Labbie wiggles to you beautiful Jasmine, from me and my girl, Star!

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    Jasmine you are a gorgeous girl. I can see you will bring your family as much love and laughter as our Basil did. Look after them, they love you lots!

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    My what lucky folks to have such a fine pup like you dont tell my Braggo but I have always said you can't beat a Lab best dogs ever if you ask me I know they are one of the most loyal dogs on the planet. Well you sure are a pretty girl Jasmine and hope you have a great day being Dotd.
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    Hello, adorable Jasmine! I agree with tats-- you are making tons of memories and sharing smiles, love and laughter! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweety girl!
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    Oh My Goodness! Jasmine, What a sweet huggable baby you are!! Just precious. I hope you have a long happy life with your forever family. You and the young humans can grow up together. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Jazzy Jasmine!

    Jazz - you are an adorable puppy! And so photogenic too!
    May everyday be Dog of the Day for you, cutie!


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