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Thread: Beautiful Bassett Basil~

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    Beautiful Bassett Basil~

    To the family of beautiful Basil~

    Thank you so much for sharing your cherished memories of your beautiful boy Basil with us, allowing us the privilege of honoring him for the very special boy that he was, and all that he meant to your family.

    I'm awash in tears, reading your love filled words, looking into those beautiful, gentle, love filled eyes. He was for sure, a gentle giant with a heart of pure gold. The photo of Basil looking adoringly at his young boy (at story time?), the one of your two boys cuddled up on the couch together so peacefully, say it all, no words needed. How very blessed you were to have known his unconditional love, his unwavering devotion, those many years. Basil was one of those "perfect pups," every family's dream dog, and we can't thank you enough for not surrendering/re-homing him once your beautiful little boy arrived. So often once the baby arrives, the dog (or cat) is shown the door. But you knew better, and your little man was one lucky guy, having a best friend and protector in Basil, and no doubt has made him a dog lover for life. I only hope that one day he will know another best furry friend, a 4 legged soul mate to grow up with. He (or she) could never replace Basil, but hopefully will take his/her very own special place in your hearts; just as special in her/his own unique way.

    I'm so, so sorry Basil is no longer there with you physically; we all understand so well the heartbreak and the sense of loss that comes with losing a beloved furkid; truly we do. But as you say, Basil and his beautiful spirit live on in your hearts, in your cherished memories, and oh yes, all of those priceless pictures! And I do believe that one day, sometime in the far distant future, you and he will be together once again, and until that happy day he's looking down on you from the Rainbow Bridge, healthy and whole once more; watching over you all (especially his little man), and sending you his love.

    I hope seeing Basil being honored here today puts a smile on your faces, helps to ease the sadness just a bit. He truly was one in a million, a Dog of a Lifetime, never to be forgotten.

    God bless you precious Basil, for being the best friend, the most loving companion a family could ever hope for. You've earned your angel wings, sweetheart.

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Oh My! I have tears in my eyes after reading about your beloved Basil. No doubt he was a treasure and you miss him every day. I can tell from the article that he was loved (and still is) and was treated as a member of the family. The photos are precious; he was such a handsome gentle boy. Thank you for sharing Basil with us and Congrats on being DOTD!

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    your freckled nose is so cute ! so glad to see you and your little boy together, so incredibly sweet! All my best, Robin

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    You had a pair of beautiful eyes, Basil! And they were a mirror of your gentle loving heart. Have a lot of fun at the bridge, 'till the day you can drag all of your loved people again! :')

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    I was very touched to read about your wonderful, precious Basil! He was the very best dog in the world and I'm sure he knew how much you guys loved him. Thanks for the photos and telling us about beautiful Basil, so sorry for your loss Peace and love

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    What a beautiful loving tribute to an awesome dog!

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    Oh Sweet Basil - what a touching story that your family wrote about you. You certainly were a beautiful furkid - both inside and out - and I can feel the heartbreak that your family felt when losing you. You will be forever in their hearts, and you will meet again one day. And you aren't really gone from them at all - you're just waiting in a different and beautiful place.

    Congratulations on being selected as DOTD. I'll bet there's a big celebration going on in your honor at Rainbow Bridge!
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    Basil was a beautiful boy!

    Thank you for sharing your story of your life with Basil! He sounded like an amazing boy/dog, I know that you will forever miss him as I miss my beloved companions who have gone on to the bridge to play till it is my time. I loved how he was always a part of your family and the arrival of your son did not diminish the importance of Basil. My heart goes out to you in your loss, I know how much you will always miss him. You are such amazing dog parents, I sure hope you will get another to share your life...

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    What a great dog you were Basil. Great Friend, Great Companion and Protector. The pictures of Basil and "Little Friend" are absolutely precious. How fortunate "Little Friend" is to have known, loved and been loved by Basil. Judging by the pictures, they were quite a pair. I'm sure that Basil is having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge while waiting for his family. I didn't even know Basil and yet I feel lots of love for him. Keep him in your hearts forever.
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    Thank you everyone for taking the time to write such comforting messages. Basil was "all that" and more, we miss him dearly.


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