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Thread: Journey!

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    Hello beautiful Journey! I'm glad you can spend your days chasing birds and playing. Happy DOTD!

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    Hello, Journey, beautiful girl! You have lived in some beautiful places, Colorado and now British Columbia! How neat that you live close to the beach and go for walks! I love your gorgeous blue eyes -- I would love to sit with you on the deck for awhile on a lovely day Happy, happy Dog of the Day to you, gorgeous Journey!
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    Hey there Journey your a really handsome fellow and hate that your in a smaller yard but I bet the beach makes up for it. A good friend of mine back in Tenn has a husky and well as far as looks go you guys take the prize I hope your haveing a fun day chaseing whatever you can and maybe you will take your mommy down to the beach later so congrats on being Dog Of The Day.

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    Stunning Journey!

    Be still my Husky loving heart!!! What a gorgeous Husky girl you are, Journey! Sporting that trademark thick, plush coat, those spectacular blue eyes...and yes, that "born to run" wanderlust, you are all that we Husky lovers have come to love, and expect, in your noble breed! (Having been Mom to a Husky, I'm very familiar that "need for speed!) Your family loves you dearly, understandably so, and how lucky they are to have a beautiful best friend in you, Journey! And just think, your life journey has only just begun, with so many happy years with your family to look forward to! What wonderful memories you all will be making over the many years to come!

    I'm sure it took some time for you to transition from life on your big spread in CO, to smaller digs in BC. BUT, your responsible and loving family is making sure that you're getting all the mental and physical exercise, playtime and socialization you need, obedience class too! And BC has one thing CO doesn't, and that's a BEACH!!! But no matter your address, "home" is where the heart is, and it's clear your heart is wherever your family is!
    Thanks to your family for sharing your gorgeous photos, your very special story with us all! It was a pleasure getting to know you, Journey, and I hope you're enjoying your much deserved day of honor; chasing those birdies, taking a nice long walk on that beautiful beach, being spoiled rotten!
    Lots of love, hugs and smoochies to you, beautiful Journey! Happy Dog of the Day!

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    Hello Journey, it's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful girl!! I love your blue eyes and enjoyed reading about your likes and dislikes. It sounds as if you have lots of fun and have a loving family. I hope all of you will be together for many years. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    What a pretty girl you are! I think it's funny that you are described as such a crazy dog, when your pictures show you as being quite relaxed - lol!
    Enjoy being Dog of the Day!

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    Hello Journey. Congrats on being dog of the day! But be sure to tell your owners not to chain you using a choke collar because I worry you may jump over that rail or get twisted up and hang yourself by accident. It happens everyday to dogs. If you are an escape artist they can use a harness but choke collars are only for supervised training sessions.
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    Journey is an awsome DOTD, so pretty!! Just loved all her photos and it sounds like her family meets all her needs, I'll bet she has a blast at the beach! Glad ya'll moved here to B.C. eh. Peace and love from Surrey

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    Glad Journey is a pet of the day she is very beautiful girl please do be careful using a choke chain if you tie her up also saw you use a pinch collar very good. In order for a pinch to work correctly it must be up right behind the ears.If you go to they have a page that shows the correct position. You have a very powerful dog made to pull your hands would be much happier with a leather or nylon leash.Most people are not aware it is very easy for a dog to pop a chain they just back up and take off pops the chain then no dog.The covered cable is good but be careful I have had dogs break the snaps on the cables. One reason I wanted to pass on this information is if a Husky gets out they love to go exploring then get into trouble. Good Luck with your beautiful girl.Papbouv


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