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Thread: Unintentional awkwardness: Did you create one?

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    Question Unintentional awkwardness: Did you create one?

    So I noticed that some behaviors that started small with my puppy have grown into weird things as she grew up.

    Example: We thought it was SO cute when we teased her that a monster lived in the sofa. Now she digs in the sofa and barks at random times, if we try to get her to stop she thinks we are playing and gets super excited and into it. Oops.

    Another Example: I started out by sometimes affectionately calling her puppydowg, which soon changed to puppydoo, which changed to puppyloo, which then changed to puppaloo, which has now changed to bubbaloo. The result? People look at me like I'm nuts when I say, "C'mon bubbaloo!" And this little tawny pitbull comes bouncing along behind me. Who calls their dog bubbaloo? I do! Lol it wasn't intentional, just saying.

    Have you unintentionally developed some kind of weird behavior with your pet? Lol I know this sounds weird, but I wanna know!

    PS, here is my Lola, acting like a total dork lol.

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    My dad, when the late Gracie the Great Dane mix was a pup, attacked her with his hand under the blanket, and made a fun game of it. However, in doing so, Grace, not the brightest bulb on the tree through no fault of her own, thought any lump might attack her at any time. This included lumps she created sleeping on their previously neatly made bed. Dad ruefully admitted it was his own fault that they ended up with a "90-pound moth" and they got rid of the electric blanket so she wouldn't inadvertently electrocute herself!
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