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What has the Brady bunch in a tither is that with 3-d printers anyone who can press the "print" button on a PC can make one.

Anyone who can hit "print" on a PC and happens to have access to a 3-D printer. I can picture it now... a few days of someone staying at work late and bam, there are more guns on the streets.

In Maryland they passed a law requiring new gun owners to submit digital fingerprints to the state police. I heard on the news that Beretta and the NRA plan to challenge the law in court after it goes into effect October 1. I don't see the problem. They want their products to wind up in the hands of responsible gun owners, and responsible gun owners will get fingerprinted. Got a problem with that? Exhibit A: Hadiya Pendleton, who won't get to go to college. Exhibit B: Jonylah Watkins, who will never get to take her first steps.