The commandment "thou shall not kill" is a mistranslation. That original text translates to something along the lines of don't kill innocents.

Were the commandment as you stated accurately translated into the KJV (which it wasn't) no follower of Joshua could have been following Mosiac law. Being that they were following orders from the man upstairs, however........

Nice try, I'll give you an 8 for effort, regardless of the over simplification of the argument.

As to seeing the other side of the argument, I see it, but reject the logic behind it. Relying on someone else to take care of issues just isn't something I'm inclined to do, particularly when the clean up crew is 1/2 hour away.

Congratulations on the record of being a victim, not sure how it's material ot this discussion, but it does clearly show you as someone who's more prone to relying on others for your security. After the first incident I'd have done something to prevent the others, but you're obviously of a different mindset.