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It also is not the place to put someone down because they may not know the correct name for a particular weapon. We are not
all military ordinance experts, so lets not quibble over technical terms of a weapon. It's hurtful & doesn't led to any good end.
The comments about how terrible and evil"assault weapons" and "automatic weapons" are straight out of the media's agitprop playbook, and have been corrected in here repeatedly. If people read and comprehended the comments that have been made multiple times rather than making knee jerk responses to posts, then the correct nomenclature would easily be seen. In addition, the comment that "that's some serious hardware" was made by someone who claims to be military, in which case they should bloody well know that that "serious hardware" isn't that "serious" at all.

There are a lot of pointless, hurtful comment in the thread, and most of them are coming from the people who constantly bump this thread for whatever reason to show how turrible them big bad guns iz.