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Thread: Doggy and the cats

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    Doggy and the cats

    Like you could read before in my introduction topic i adopted a small dog shistzu x yorkie.. he is 1,5 years old .. very sweet but a pain in the ass with the cats...I have 3 cats also
    My cats are used to dogs (i had a sheltie for 9 years) but this dog was very passive.. laying all day on the floor because he had problems of his hips and backlegs...
    The new small dog isn't used to cats but he isnt a cathater also... he wants to give licks to the male cat but the cat doesn't like it.. he blows and grooms and give the dog a smack with his paws.. the dog is scared .. whipes and starts to bark to the cat without stopping...
    yesterday it happend again and he did bite the cat... a whole pack of his furr was out... today they leaving echother alone... the dog was passing by the cat without doig anything same for the cat... which is a great thing...

    Cat two female of 4 years old is a outdoorcat... she doesn't dare to come in the house with the dog around.. when she is in the garden and the dog sees her he runs after her barks a lot .. and she is running on the roof... mostly i let her in throught the bedroom window... and she stays mostly upstairs..

    Cat 3 our youngest one our british shorthair of 14 months is laying on a chair, dressoir or livingtable always hight enough .. when she is laying a chair and the dog knows (he is looking for her under the table) he starts to bark.. without stopping .. she jumps from chair to chair but he is follow her... he doesn't do anything else then barking if i yell if i take him away and put him outside for a while he comes in and starts again...
    sometimes i just doenst know what to do... i try to distract him when i see it.. but it never stay last before he starts again...

    I am sure the dog doesnt hate cats else he would have bitten more.. and it happend one time in two weeks... yes the dog is here two weeks so its early to say if he will accept the cats or not.. i guess he will in time....
    The cats are afraid when he run after them or barks so much on them.. okay do you have any tips to learn him not to bark on them or to ignore them.. please tell ... i just don't use any benches... the raison for that is.. the dog is a traumadog.. he has been beaten up in spain.. when he was adopted before i did . he peed a lot in their house and the dog had to stay into a too small bench all day long in the bathroom.. so when i work or going to the store and at night the dog stays in my kitchen he can't into the livingroom but he can see the cats all the time if he wants.. the cats are staying i the livingroom when i am not around... i hope you all don't have troubles to read my awfull english (motherlanguage is dutch)

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    not any clues to get the cats and dog together in harmony???

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    Can you get a small carrier, pen or a gate to keep the dog in an area where the cats can be close to the dog without being afraid of being chased/poked at by the dog?

    When I moved into the house I am living in, ED the cat was kept in a closed room until he was used to the dog - Ed had was an indoor cat and he was visited by dogs when he would sit by the screen door.

    He felt safe and got to know the dogs that way.

    You can try that.
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    then i am doing alright.. btw thx Richard... a small carrier is not an option... like i said before timmie is a traumatized dog (when he was adopted at first a few months ago ) he had a seriously bladder infammation so he peed a lot in the house and the people who adopted him closed him in all day in a small bench (carrier).. what i do a have a small (baby)fench between the kitchendoor en livingroom.. when i go out or at night he stays in the kitchen with the door open but with a fench between... so the cats can smell and see him aswel he can.... when i am home the cats are in the livingroom on higher levels .. table etc... he can't be a cathater cos when he cross the male cat on the floor mostly he doesn't do anything.. but the male cat (is used to dogs before) grooms and smacks to the dog... then he starts to barks as defence.. and he doesn't stop to bark.. do i interrup them or leaving them to knw eachtother border????
    I have also to say tomorrow (saturday) heis living with us for 3 weeks so i know its bit early with the cats to and yes i have patience with him... but it also breaking my heart to see the cats afraid of him... its a two struggle for me between cat and dog... i give all attentions.. when they are good behaving they get all somthing extra...
    I have noticed when they don't groom or blowing to timmie he doesn't do anything to them... he is a real sweet little dog who gives a lot of love to the people he trust..


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