On Wednesday I noticed that the pupil in Sydney's left eye was enlarged and reflecting some red. I called the vet, who suspected retinal detachment, and took him in yesterday. There is a lot of blood in the front compartment of the eye, and we were referred to the veterinary ophthalmologist, in Williamston, MI, some 60 miles away, whom we visited next.

The ophthalmologist diagnosed hyphema (blood in the front chamber) in the left eye and multiple retinal hemorrhages with small areas of retinal detachment in the right eye.. due to an exudative retinal detachment secondary to systemic hypertension (high blood pressure, common with kidney disease).

He got sent home with amlodipine to lower the blood pressure, prednisolone to help reduce inflammation, and atropine to help stop the bleeding and dilate the pupil.

Hopefully this will result in at least some of his normal vision returning. The tech said he's in effect blind what with the retinal detachment, but he's getting around okay at home. Maybe he just knows where everything is and navigates by smell and whiskers when needed.

Please say a few prayers and send some good wishes for my sweet boy! Thank you from both of us.

Sydney and Pat