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Thread: Rango pics!

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    Rango pics!

    Rango is beautiful! She's also uncooperative for photo shoots, but I try. I got a few shots that I liked. She's pretty mellow for handling now, but she bit me after a minute or so of me trying to get her to sit still for a macro shot of her eye. Not going to happen! Oh well, I tried!

    Not bad color for a Petsmart gecko, lol. I worried that I would regret not waiting and getting one from a breeder, but...a lot of breeders just don't have that many normal leopard geckos available, they're almost all fancy morphs...which is fine, except I wanted "just" a normal leopard gecko. I'm so thrilled to have her.

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    What a pretty girl she has grown to be, it is amazing how her colors have changed!
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    Aww, Rango's a cutie! How big will she get?
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    She shouldn't get more than another inch or two long, maybe 8" when she's full grown.

    Update: My sister in law came over and got the eye shot that I wanted. (plus a few others) Rango's eyes are fantastic!

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    I love leopard geckos, they're the cutest!

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