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Thread: Scratch!!!

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    Hello Scratch you are such a beautuful girl! I wish I could take the people that left you in that dumpster and dump them in there. I'm glad someone found you and I'm glad your family now took you and is giving you such a good life. You are a sweet girl I would love to give lots of kisses! Happy dotd to you

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    Hi Scratch...What a wonderful story for a beautiful lady. I am so happy that you were rescued from the bin. I
    can not understand how some people can be so mean to animals. But you have a wonderful happy ending.
    Scratch, you have a great job. I would love for you to greet me. I know a lot of people love having you greet them.
    Congratulations on DOTD. You are a very pretty baby.

    Linda in SC

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    Scratch is so adorable and beautiful. Made me smile.

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    Scratch, you are such a beautiful dog and and have an equally beautiful spirit. Bless your people for taking you in.

    Congratulations and have a grand day as Dog of the Day!
    Meowmie to Mr. Spunky, Lady Jane, Bob, Callie, Kimi, and fosters Lucy Lou and HRH Oliver Woodrow von Katz.

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    That is horrible that you were dumped like that its so heartless !
    After reading and enjoying your new life story you are one dog that really should be dog of the day!
    You are so pretty and so well behaved iam sure everyone is happy to be greeted by you!

    enjoy your day!

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    What a beautiful, sweet and loveable girl. You look so pretty standing next to the red tuplips and also in the other picture on the bench by the black-eyed-susans.

    I would love to come to your bed and breakfast and meet you some time. It looks like a very nice place.

    I hope you enjoy your and receive lots of biscuits.

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    Beauttiful Scratch~

    Hi Scratch! Happy Dog of the Day to you!
    What a beautiful tribute to one simply beautiful girl! If your story doesn't tug at the heart strings, I don't know whose could, and you can add me to your ever growing list of fans!

    What a horrible start you had at life, Scratch, simply unconscionable. But happily the fates, and your guardian angel, intervened to assure that in the end yours would be the happiest, most blissful, idyllic and enchanting of life stories! Even your hometown, and the Inn you call home, sound as though they were "characters" taken from the pages of a James Herriot novel!

    But the true star of your story is YOU, Scratch. Whether happily welcoming your guests at the Inn, or greeting friends on Main St.; cooling down two hot under the collar pups, or lending a helping paw to those doggies less fortunate than yourself; with every move you make, with every love filled gaze or joyful head toss, your beautiful spirit shines through! How blessed your person George the Innkeeper is, having an official mascot and greeter, a beautiful (and smart!) best friend and loving companion, in you, Scratch! You're not simply worthy of the title Dog of the Day, you're a Dog of a Lifetime. an inspiration and source of joy to all who cross your path...and even to some who have never met you!

    Thanks to your family for sharing your very special story, your heart melting pics with us all, Scratch! Meeting you has made my day! Wishing for you and your family, all of your adoring friends and fans, a very happy day of celebration, and many, many more wonderful years together!
    Love and hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Scratch!
    P.S. Just LOVE those shots of you posing so prettily in front of those black eyed susans and tulips (though their beauty pales in comparison to yours)!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Hello, beautiful Scratch! I'm ready to go on vacation and happily enjoy having you herd me to the inn entrance! I agree with everything that everyone has said. I'm glad you were rescued from the dumpster that day! I love the pictures of you by the flowers! And I think you are a very gorgeous and smart lady! Happy, happy Dog of the Day to you, beautiful Scratch!
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    Scratch is the most magnificent, beautiful, spectacular DOTD! Peace and love to the whole family

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    Hello Scratch, it was a pleasure to read about you. You certainly are a handsome boy! You sound so friendly and helpful at your Inn. I'm sure you bring smiles to the people who stay there. I enjoyed all your pics, especially the ones with flowers. I hope you have many more years as a "greeter" at the Inn and with your family. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Lady Scratch!

    Scratch - you are a beautiful intelligent lady and you do have a regal bearing! You have a wonderful life - and you deserve it! May everyday be DOTD for you!


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