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Thread: Skittles And Skamp...Gorgeous Brothers (from different mothers...)

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    Skittles And Skamp...Gorgeous Brothers (from different mothers...)

    Hi Boys! You are both so handsome and I loved seeing all your pictures! I know you came from different mothers but you really do look alike. Skamp's white chest fits so perfectly with Skittles entire white coat. I am so happy you were both picked and taken home from the wonderful no kill shelter that is surely a blessing in your town. Skittles charmed his way into his humans heart and Skamp decisively requested his way into his It sounds like you have wonderful lives!! Enjoy your special cat honors as Pet Talks CATS OF THE DAY. I hope you get an extra special treat to honor the day.

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    Oh Boy I can just see the shenanigans that go on in your house Skittles and Skamp !! You guys definitely know how to make life a lot more fun and you're drop dead gorgeous too. How can anyone resist such charm.

    Congratulations on being Cats of the Day - have a grand party with lots of treats!!
    Yours in Whiskers

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    what a couple of lovely cats.. happy cotd to both of you.. 20120619.0735

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    Congratulations to our Cats of the Day today Skittles and Skamp! What a fine pair of fellows you are! And it is so nice to read what good friends you are with each other and the rest of your family.

    We hope you are having a fun-filled day of celebration full of love and good times and special treats!

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    Skittles and Skamp

    Wonderful names, Skittles IS a bit skittish with strangers, so perfect! I hope you have your "guys" for a long long time. Happy COTD to both of you.

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    Wow - what beautiful boys! Skittles' tabby tuxedo markings are stunning, and Skamp's soft white coat really shows off his very golden eyes.

    Happy COTD, Skittles and Skamp!
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    Skittles and Skamp what a gorgeous pair of boys you are!!!

    How lucky we are to get two wonderful boys for our special Cats today. I wish I could give you each a head pat or tummy rub, your choice. How blessed your family is to have you two. Please thank them for sharing you with us, ok? Enjoy your special day to the fullest. (demand extra treats: it's your special day after all)

    Congratulations, sweeties, on being our very special Cats of the Day!!!
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    Hello, sweet boys Skamp and Skittles! You are beautiful kitty guys! Skamp reminds me a little of Eddie, and Skittles has the cutest kitty head tilt going on in the first picture! Skittles, you have such lovely eyes and Skamp, I like your pin-striped coat! I'm sure there is always fun at hand when you two are around Happy Cats of the Day, Skamp and Skittles! Gentle petting to you from me (some for Snickers too )!
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    Skittles and Skamp

    Skittles and Skamp are the greatest! They sound like the perfect companions and are so adorable, loved hearing about their colorful personalities. Have the best day, peace and love

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    Skittles and Skamp, what a team!

    Happy Cat of the Day to you, sweet Skittles and sassy Skamp!
    What a terrific, "best buds" brother team you two beautiful boys make! Your family has the best of both worlds (the sweet and sassy) in you two stunning, fun loving beauties, and we give them great thanks for going the rescue route, giving two most deserving kitties the happiest of forever homes! If there's any doubt as to the endless rewards of rescue they need only meet you two! Your family is doubly blessed!
    Thanks for ending my day with a big smile, kids! Meeting you two; reading your back story, taking in your exquisite photo album, was the perfect way to end my long day!
    Hope you're enjoying a very happy, fun and love filled Cat of the Day bash, boys! You sure deserve it!
    Love and hugs and smoochies to you, beautiful Skittles and Skamp!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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  11. It is amazing how your purrsonalities shine through in your photo dear Skittles and Skamp! Skamp - you indeed look like a scamp - in charge and sassy! And Skittles - you look so sweet and a little bit skittish until you know who you are dealing with. You two make a great pair! (Eddie only wishes he could be in charge!)

    Congrats to the "Skis" ....Skittles and Skamp...our Cats! of the Day!!!

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    What handsome boys you are! Congrats to both of you for being Cat of the Day!

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana

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    Skittles and Scamp!

    What a great story...what great cats! I can tell that they have great lives, and are loved! May everyday be Cat of the Day for them!

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    Skittles and Skamp

    What beautiful kitties! They look so content together, perfect kitty brothers. Congratulations on being Cats of the Day today!


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    Skamp and Skittles - you boys have oodles of cattitude! Such a wonderful story and bless that no kill shelter, and your family for adopting you together.

    Your photos are enchanting and you look inseparable. What joy you must bring to your family and visitors.

    Congrats on being our terrific COTD duo.

    Angel, Puddy and Tinkerbell


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