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Thread: Road side puppy sales

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    Road side puppy sales

    This was posted by Caldwell Humane Society:
    Police jury president Lanny Dark came by yesterday and said he will vote to pass the roadside ban on puppy sales. Call your police jury member and tell, don`t ask, tell them to do the same, remember they represent YOU!

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    Fortunately we don't see much of this in the U.S. - in this area anyway. I guess the closest we come to roadside sales, is seeing signs in people's yards with give-aways or sales.
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    I live in Florida and I have seen puppy sales by the side of the road... just once, though... but once is enough. I was disturbed by it. I would have thought that would be illegal, but I guess not...
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    I love Denmark... and Scandinavia in general. There are so many amazing laws there that give animals rights to wonderful lives! The bans on shock and prong collars are ground-breaking. Of course, I'm of Swedish heritage so I'm a little biased... but Denmark IS the happiest place on earth, after all.

    I see road side sales of puppies constantly. In front of WalMart, on the road in front of flea markers, in random parking lots. And these people aren't just giving puppies away, they're asking $100-500!!! When you could go to the shelter and adopt a fully vaccinated, altered puppy for $50! My BF was driving the other day & I made him pull over, I saw a man with a cage full of Border Collie puppies. He said they had "champion lines" and was asking $300 for these 6 week old, tired, sickly puppies and it was just heart-breaking. Those people aren't just trying to find homes for the puppies, they're trying to rip people off with poorly raised/bred puppies, and being that it's a complete impulse buy I'm sure the majority of them will die in a shelter some day. Denmark doesn't even have an issue with overpopulation, their shelters are empty! We have a surplus of 5 million dogs a year that die in shelters only for lack of homes. It's so frustrating and sad. Supporting a road-side breeder is just as bad as supporting a puppy mill.

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    Isn't allowed around here but people do put up signs in yards or on fences... sickens me.

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