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    I saw your photos on FB (Karen had commented on them, so they popped up on LOH's FB).

    Your photography is beautiful. I don't see how anyone could tire of the wonderful work you do with a camera. Please, PLEASE keep sharing them with us.
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    I agree 1000%

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    I don't think there is anyone here that would not agree that Kirsten is so very talented. I never tire of her photography, and I'm amazed how she can take a plain object and turn it into a beautiful work of art too. Her pics of the countryside around her, have shown me a part of the world that I never would have seen otherwise. I hope she never tires of sharing her work with us and the rest of the world too.
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    I agree! Her photos are always such a joy to look at... even the insects!

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    Even the dandelion weed just recently!

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    I really have to agree with all the comments here. Her photography is just awesome and I never tire of looking at it. Talent abounds in all the pictures she shares with us. I hope she won't tire of sharing, every time she posts her work I'm transported to another world.

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    Great thread LH and I agree Kristen's photos are extraordinary! She has great eye and a natural talent. I have enjoyed every photo she has posted over the years and archived many of them just to look at from time to time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Daddy View Post
    I agree 1000%
    I do too!
    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

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    Yes, Kirsten you definitely have an eye for photography and you have come a long way over the years. You should make it business! I always enjoy looking at your pics.

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    OMG, I'm speechless, and really touched by all your comments...

    I really didn't want to flood the forum with my pictures because I was afraid people would get tired of them.
    On the other hand, I got everyone's advice when I was contemplating if I should accept my friend's offer to get me a new camera or not, and now I think I haven't even posted any of my new pictures here. Will start a new thread later today, or tomorrow...
    BTW, I almost killed my camera today when I slipped and fell while taking pictures. Prefered to land on my arm and back instead , so I hope the camera and lenses survived. I should really be more careful while taking pictures.


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