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Thread: Beautiful Granny!

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    Beautiful Granny!

    You sure were a beauty Granny! It seems you were much loved in your last years. How appropriate for you to be our Palm Sunday POTD! I hope today is a very special day for your humans seeing you honored as POTD!
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    What a loving tribute to your donkey Granny. She sounds as if she was a loving friend to all. I am so glad you had her the last years of her life; I'm sure you gave her love and care. She deserves to be POTD! Thank you for sharing her with us.

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    What a heartwarming story. Well deserved POTD and may she be happily resting at the RB.

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    Precious Granny~

    I can't imagine a more fitting, nor a more deserving Palm Sunday Pet of the Day honoree than you, Granny. The very sight of you, even before I read one word of your human's very touching tribute, brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful seasoned citizen you were, in body and in spirit. And though I wish your time with your family could have been longer, how blessed they were to have known your love and companionship those two very special years, and now comforted, knowing that for the final two years of your life you knew nothing but unconditional love and happy, carefree days. How well yourepaid the kindness shown you in your golden years, Granny, bringing joy and smiles to all who crossed your path. Friend to all, that was you, Granny.
    God must have been in need of a very special angel to have taken you from your family, sweetheart. But no worries, for one day you and your guardian will be reunited, and what a happy day that will be. You truly were a gem, Granny, one in a million, and we are honored to have the chance to honor you, and all that you mean to your family. Look down on them from the Rainbow Bridge, Granny, and send them your love; they miss you so.
    To the family of Granny....Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, very special friend with us. I hope seeing her honored to day brings you comfort. And thank you for rescuing her, bringing peace and love to her final years. You're my hero.
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    Grand Granny, you brightened my day to see you and read about you, darling. I hope you get lots of peppermints at Rainbow Bridge, and know that you had the best home and care in your twighlight years. I can read how sorely you are missed, but know how much you were loved, dear lady, and keep a watchful eye over your devoted person(s) from above.

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    Granny what a beautiful and very special girl you were!!!

    I am sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading about you. I am so happy you had some time with a wonderful loving family who gave you the very best. You certainly deserve that. I can imagine you laying at Jesus feet now enjoying lots of grass and love. I'm sure he has told you "well done, sweet donkey. Well done".

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    What a beautiful, peaceful soul Granny was. I am so glad to hear how you made her last
    years of life so loving & sweet. Thank you for sharing memories with us. Granny is a very deserving
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    Awww, Granny was So beautiful, I am so glad she was chosen POTD! I am sure she is an angel now, Watchin' over yous all and enjoying peppermints What a treat to see Granny today, thanks for sharing her with us, she was so awsome! Peace and love

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    What a beautiful girl she is. And what a heartwarming story. I only wish that she had been rescued by her owner many years before so she could have a loving and happy longer life. A friend of mine has donkeys and I visit them. They are so docile and peaceful and I love being around them. What a wonderful pet to have. I know Granny has her angel wings now and what an appropriate day to be POTD. You are a beautiful soul Granny. Hugs and kisses in Heaven.


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