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Thread: Dog freaks in the car

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    Dog freaks in the car

    My parents have a little rat terrier dog who freaks out in the car. They are going to be moving to a new house, which is only 12 miles from where they currently live, but I am not sure how he would react to a car ride that long. The last time he was in the car we were going to the park for a walk and he ended up biting my mom in the ankle while she was driving. They are visiting me at the end of March, and if they haven't moved by then I will loan them my cat crate to put him in. Even with that I am not sure how he will do. I mean he freaks out like some cats do. He is 11 years old and I am also concerned about physically how it will affect him. I don't want him to have a heart attack from the ride. I am thinking maybe some calming medicine and a fillable toy stuffed with goodies since he is VERY food driven. Any ideas on this?  4765
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    He should certainly be secured for the ride, maybe a safety harness that clips into the seatbelt system in the back seat, and start practicing with it for short rides, and at the end he gets a treat. It would not only keep him from distracting her, and keep him safe in case of accidents, but also the pressure of the harness may help him feel more secure.
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    Lots of short, repeated exposure to the car, with treats that follow. Maybe your parents could just sit in the car for five minutes and give him treats when he comes over to the car? Then, close the doors, and treat him, then short trips, treat him..all over time?

    Jasper gets sick in the car. Ugh. So, we did lots of little trips- no treats though, as that only adds to his tummy troubles. He just isn't geared for long rides.

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    Your parents might want to get a mild sedative from their vet to give pup before the ride, and put him in a crate too, even if they have to borrow one from someone, if they don't get to use yours.
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    Everyone has covered what I would suggest.

    Sensitivity training, starting with just sitting in the car. As described already. Restraint in the car for the move, w/ sedative from the vet.


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