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Thread: Kitty kidney transplant

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    I am so sorry. Deepest sympathy for Walter's family and all who love him so much.

    Rest in peace, Walter, whole and healthy again at the Rainbow Bridge, awaiting the grand reunion..

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    That's so sad, after all they went thru.

    RIP Sir Walter.
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    Oh NO! Many tight hugs for Walter's family. Rest peacefully, Walter.

    Are they still going to keep the donor kitty? I hope so!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catty1 View Post
    Oh NO! Many tight hugs for Walter's family. Rest peacefully, Walter.

    Are they still going to keep the donor kitty? I hope so!
    Oh yes, Orville isn't going anywhere. He is already made friends with Mickey who was really missing Walter while he was in Florida.
    Orville and Mickey are becoming brothers and Orville is helping Mickey through his grieving. I think he's helping James and Ronit also.
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    I came late to Walter's story but read each and every one of James' posts. I've just now read his latest one, and tears ran down my cheeks. What a heart-rending journey they've all been on! It is good that Walter got to go home and be with his family, and we all know that he's at the Bridge and will welcome his family as they come, one by one. May Walter's Creator bless James and Ronit with peace.

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    Attention Boston!

    Walter's family is holding the second annual Walter-Aid concert on June 20th to raise funds for Please cross-post and wish them much success.

    Greetings, angels, friends & family of Walter -

    I know I haven't reported in very much over the last few months, but you are all in my heart every day. I continue to watch and re-post imom tweets and things regularly, and also continue to be so very grateful for the love & support you show to our furry, feathered & scaled friends every day.

    I am reporting in to announce that the second annual Walter Aid benefit concert is underway!!

    https://www.facebook...01782666556371/ please tell all of your Boston peeps!

    The venue in Somerville has been very, very gracious, and is waiving all room fees, as well as dip into the bar & tips to help us raise money for IMOM and all the families you help. I'm thinking this year will be a much larger success than last year. It is our goal to get better every year, as well as promote awareness for pets, spaying/neutering, and encourage all artists everywhere to stand up for a cause greater than themselves. For all of us at Walter Aid, animals are our cause.

    If anyone wants to join the group for future events, you can find us here:


    Below is all the information on the show, more of a cut & paste from what I've been sending out to the press.

    I just wanted to let all of you know that you are in our hearts. I hope that wherever Walter is, he is proud of us. He is such a special little boy, and I miss him so dearly every day.


    - James

    June 20th, 2013

    "Walter-Aid" : Benefiting Pets-in-Need via

    Bent Knee (Boston)
    Symmetry (Providence)
    Licious (Boston)
    Ben Hehn (of Why Wolves) & Robert Plumb (of Silent Century) (Boston; Acoustic)

    *(All funds generated will go to, an organization dedicated to providing financial aid for families who need life-saving veterinary care. is also a strong advocate for creating awareness of the benefits of spaying/neutering.)

    Raffle prizes to be given away in between bands include:

    12-hours of studio time at Dirty Water Sound (engineered by James Willetts), courtesy of East Left Productions
    gift certificate from Shag of Boston
    Tattoo time at Good Mojo Tattoo
    Dog training/walking by Alicia Posell, KPA CTP
    A grab bag of merch and/or music from the artists at the showcase

    Complimentary gift bags will be provided to spectators, courtesy of Allston's Unleashed by PetCo.

    Emcee'd by Nash DeVille of the Boston League of Women Wrestlers.

    @ Radio, 381 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA 02143
    21+. $8 adv., $10 at the door (aka, day of show, or "dos".)
    7pm doors, 8pm show

    Here's a link to the facebook event: https://www.facebook...01782666556371/

    This will be the second year in a row we've held this benefit, so it would be great to get your support in promoting this charitable tradition. We are all very excited, as I have personally worked with all of these artists in the recording studio and can assure everyone that this show will be a real treat!

    Also, all of these artists have either just released studio material or will be releasing more later this year.

    Thanks so much for your time!

    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.


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