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    You are just precious, sweet Basil! So many tricks you know how to do, and what a special bond you have with your devoted guardian! I hope you get lots of attention to celebrate your deserving POTD honour, and also yogurt.

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    Basil what an adorable fellow you are!!!

    I loved reading about you and seeing your pictures today. You sound like a very special fellow indeed! What a great best friend you make. I hope you are enjoying your special day to the fullest.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    I totally fell in love with your wee Basil today! I am so glad he helps you, you two were obviously made for one another Best buds through thick and thin. Hurrray for Basil, awsome POTD! Cuddles to Toby and Scrabble too please. Peace and love

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    Darling Basil!

    What a darling little rattie you are, Basil; a beautiful boy with a heart of pure gold! Your snow white coat, those big, blue eyes and little pink tongue, are beyond precious!
    I was so, so moved by your guardian's love filled tribute, Basil! I think you rescued her as much as she rescued you! How lucky you were to have found your way to such a loving forever home, Basil, complete with furry friends to pal around with, and your person equally blessed to have found a best friend and soul mate in you! Animals have such an amazing capacity to heal the heart, to mend a wounded spirit, and you Basil are living proof the miraculous powers of furry love!
    Great thanks to your devoted human for sharing your beautiful little self and your very special story, your heart melting pictures with us all! You're one in a million, Basil, and so very deserving of the title, Pet of the Day, EVERY day!
    Hope you and your cagemates, Toby and Scrabble, are enjoying your much deserved day in the spotlight, all of you being loved and pampered to pieces!
    Cuddles and little kisses to you, precious Basil, and to Toby and Scrabble, too!

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    Thank you all!

    Thank you all so much. Basil means so much to me, and we're both just so happy at the love he's getting here!

    Tats, you are 100% right about us rescuing each other! Before Basil I was becoming reclusive and felt I had no reason to get up in the morning - but now I have to, because if I don't no one else will clean the cages and feed them, and if I want to go out even for a short walk around the block with the dog, I can keep Basil in my hood safe from prying eyes. I only wish everyone could be so understanding. He may be a rat, but he's no less important than a therapy dog I feel, in his ability to help people like myself in all those little everyday challenges. Some people just see him and see vermin, and act like I should be ashamed for taking a "dangerous" animal into a public place. It's nice to let people who understand know how special he is to me

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    Aww, he is so cute! I love his sweet little ears and great whiskers. Congratulations on being Pet of the Day today!



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