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    Oh Aurora what a funny girl you are. You made me giggle lots of times while I read your little 'biography'. I especially liked your 'triple-decker ant-eater ride'. And when you thought you lost your baby. I have never seen an ant-eater before. You are more adorable than I thought you would be. Have a happy POTD and tell your humans to make SURE your food is cold.

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    You just may be the very first anteater to achieve POTD cyber-star status, enchanting Aurora! This may be a silly question, but with those claws do still dig for ants like I presume you did in the wild?? I also wonder what kind of food is fed by your devoted guardian that you insist must be cold. Just curious, as you are quite an unusual POTD and it has been so entertaining and interesting to see and read about you, mommy Aurora!

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    Hi, Aurora!

    I know you! Good morning! I have learned a little more about anteaters from Pua and I remember when your people brought you home and found out you were pregnant I've learned so much about anteaters from you, Pua and your baby on your Web site too! Happy Pet of the Day to you, Aurora!
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    Aurora is fascinating and awsome! I was riveted by her whole story and it's wonderful she and her wee babe have ya to look after them so well. I'm sure most people would not have a clue how. Just awsome animals, all the best to ya'll, peace and love

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    Aurora what a beauty you are!!!

    The second I saw your picture I thought you should meet Pua. Then as I read, I realized you do know her!!! I am so happy for you. You might not know it, but you hit the jackpot for a home for an anteater.

    I'm thinking you might not be so very old and that was your first baby. I smiled when I read how you couldn't find baby even when baby was hitching a ride with you. I hope you are all having a wonderfully fun day.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    How Sweet!

    She looks so sweet with her baby.
    I love all creatures (even spiders) but I don't understand why she wasn't returned to the wild. Why did she need rescuing? Was she just not capable of caring for herself? Just curious.

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    She was born in captivity as a pet, so would have no clue what to do in the wild!
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    She was not rescued from the wild but part of the agreement in taking her was not publicizing the exact details. The Federal Government was involved in her placement. My friend was able to trace her back to a breeder through her contacts but I don't know if she was born there. The breeder was mislead by the buyer and was glad to find out she wound up here. She had given birth at least once before.

    She's in the USA, she could go into hypothermia on a chilly summer night here. They don't regulate their body temperature well and while we have ants there aren't near as many. I doubt she and her baby would have even survived being sent all the way back to Guyana to be placed in her natural environment.

    And I don't think she would survive long in the wild. She has some issues and I meant it about her not being bright. She can't even figure out how to eat ants from a cup. The others are very smart. She doesn't see so well either.

    Okay since most questions were directed at Aurora maybe she should answer

    Thank you. Pua informed me I am of royal lineage so I try to act like it.

    I don't dig for ants in the house but we do get old logs to claw up and sometimes we find ants or bugs in them. I will claw at the wall if my food isn't just right. My servant finally got it right though by putting my soup in chiller bowls that keep it cold several hours for me. I enjoy running around in the yard but haven't found any ants. Pua goes for long hikes in the woods and Ori's been to the park and working her way up to the woods. I'm afraid I wouldn't like that since I don't enjoy all the handling that would go along with the trip there and back.

    I get a soup mix of what Pua eats. It's ground beef, beef heart, silkworm pupae, wheat bran, spinach, nutritional yeast, and molasses. Then mine is soaked in vinegar for at least a day so the meat fibers break down so it's safe to blend it all into a soup. I wont even acknowledge it as food though unless it's ice cold. We also need vinegar to replace the acid in ants and termites. We don't have stomach acid. Pua drinks her vinegar instead.

    Yes I know Pua. I missed her last night because she was sleeping in. I tried to get in the washer with her. I stood on the lid, got it part way open but then when I got my front in it would close on me before I could get my rear in and off the lid. So I finally gave up. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong.

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    Awesome Aurora!

    I was trying to figure out what you were from the tiny anteater! Who'd knew that anteaters could be pets? LOL!
    I'm so happy that you have settled in nicely with your new baby and roomie! May everyday be POTD for you, Aurora!

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    What a beautiful, simply awesome and amazing creature you are, Aurora! I do believe you just might be the first anteater to be crowned Pet of the Day, and how deserving you are!
    I was totally captivated, reading your amazing life story, and your photos had me mesmerized, and smiling from ear to ear! It's heartening knowing that a creature as unique as you, with such special needs, found her way to such a knowledgeable, caring and loving forever home, complete with a furry best friend in Pua! You may not yet return the affection shown you by your caregiver and guardian, but no matter, you are loved unconditionally for just being YOU! That's the best love of all!
    Hope you and Pua and your baby are all enjoying a very happy Pet of the Day, sweetheart, being spoiled and pampered to pieces! Sending lots of love your way, precious Aurora, with wishes for many, many more happy years together!

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    Wow! I read with interest your writeup about Aurora. It must take quite a bit of time to get her food just right. Do the anteaters live in the house? If so, are they housetrained? Just wondering. I've never known anyone with an anteater . Congrats on being POTD!

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    Thank you. Pua was the first anteater POTD but that was way back in 2007.

    Yes they live in the house. They mostly stick to one really large room I've adjusted to meet their needs but we share it. It's the largest room in the house and I'm there if they need me that way.

    House trained not really but it's mostly possible. Pua was 98-99% adjusted to going on pee pads before the others came. Only she will sometimes try to pee in another part of the house due to hormones. She's got a real obvious potty stance though and normally only pees the once a day.

    The others like to pee their beds though so now Pua pees their beds too. I made their last couple fabric houses out of pee pads and keep a pad under their hammock. Pua doesn't pee her own hammock and the others have been good about that too.

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    Wow, what an amazing animal! I love her long face and cute ears. Congratulations on being Pet of the Day today!


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