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Thread: cat not using litter box

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    cat not using litter box

    we recently moved my cats litter box and he started pooping and peeing in on my kitchen rugs and the rug right next to the new litter box location. 2 days ago we moved the litter box back to the original location and he pooped twice in my kitchen again. nothing else has changed in the house excpet that i am 7 months pregnant. the cat is not fixed and he has never had this problem before. i took him to the vet and everything is fine with him. please help!! i don't want to get rid of him but i can't have this behavior with a new baby in the house

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    As you have learned, cats do NOT approve of any tampering with their bathroom facilities! This includes:
    - moving the box
    - changing the box (buying a new one)
    - changing the brand of litter
    - changing anything immediately around the box.

    See if the problem continues now that you have replaced the box.

    Oh, and you should have the cat neutered before baby arrives. Male cats may mark their territory, and once baby is around, there will be lots of urine and other new smells around. Neutering is not a sure way to prevent marking -- he may do it anyway. But there is less chance, if he is neutered.

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    Definitely get him neutered, and get a special cleaner to use to make sure you are getting all the enzymes in the cat urine that mark the place as "good spot here!" - there's one called Nature's Miracle that works well.

    Getting him neutered is better for him in the long run, and will cut down on his urge to "claim" his territory, so it's an all around good deal!
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    I agree that your cat needs to be neutered asap before your new baby arrives. Here's a great website with lots of wonderful information too: Good luck.
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    Cats are difficult to figure sometimes

    Just last week, I found out that "someone" was peeing in a basket on the floor that contained computer cords left over from other times. The basket had been there for a couple of years and never a problem. I don't know which kitty suddenly thought it was ok to pee in it, but I quickly cleaned the basket and cords. I left the cords in the bathtub where they were residing until I could figure out if I should toss them out etc. etc. Well, it seems that the cat thought another round of pee would improve the cords. After finding that, I tossed the cords. The basket is cleaned and hanging on a hook in my closet. THEN, this AM, I heard a cat in the bathroom "covering up" something. It was Juni, covering the pee on a bathroom rug. ..... I think she is not wanting to go outside to use the litter box, as I have them on the porch and they must go out to the very chilly air to pee. So, I moved a couple of boxed inside. One in the bathtub and the other in the dinning room area. Both have been used. Now I must wait and watch to make sure it is the cold causing the problem, and not an infection.

    Cats can do the same thing for years and then suddenly, wammo, they change their mind!

    I would have your male cat neutered for sure. It isn't that expensive, they recover almost over night and I think you and your new baby will be much happier....

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    I'm not sure what state your in but in NJ you can go to a shelter and get a certificate for a spay/neuter. They were $50-$60, and without the certificate
    the procedures were $110- $250 when I called around for prices. (and that was back in 2004-2007.)
    So it might be worth looking into but ask the shelter what vet excepts them.

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