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Thread: Biking With Taggart

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    Biking With Taggart

    I took Taggart for a bike ride yesterday. First time since moving to CA. There are some great bike trails right by our apartment complex but these trails are very popular and always full of people jogging, riding bikes and of course walking their dogs. Whenever I rode the bike back in the Faroes, and back in NY, we hardly ever ran into any distractions since wherever we took the bike it was always quite secluded, so I was a bit worried about how this trip was going to be, especially considering how many dogs we're likely to pass and Taggart can get quite excited about other dogs especially if they get excited about him.

    BUT! It all went surprisingly well The first 20 minutes or so I made sure to speed up when passing dogs (and this one squirrel ) because I could tell he was starting to lose focus but the distraction of having to speed up his pace was enough to get him to concentrate on the bike again. After a while when he had gotten more energy out, he only casually noticed other dogs and we could ride at a steady pace

    Just thought I wanted to share that. I'm so happy he did so well, since this means we can really start exploring the bike trails!

    Anyone else ride their bikes with their dogs? What's your experience with it?

    For Taggart it's really a great way for him to exercise since he has endless energy and he absolutely loves to run.

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    Sounds like great fun!
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    My Male Sneakers is very bad about chasing People on a Bike.
    It got so bad, I had to take his Bicycle away from him !
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