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Thread: My dogis scared of other dogs:(

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    My dogis scared of other dogs:(

    My shih tzu, Bella, is scared of other dogs. I don't know if it because she is young or what... She is 11 months but a year in December. I her very much and I don't want her to be scared all the time. When she was about 7 months we did puppy preschool to get started on training and behavior. There was other dogs there which was good because then she could get a feel of being around other dogs. When we took her off her leash to play with other dogs, she would just run and hide behind my legs. She also starts shaking when she hears barking or sees dogs. Is that normal? What do I do??

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    Sounds like a age related problem. Work with a trainer to help her get over it. And some small dogs are afraid of big dogs (can't remember the name of it.)
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    You can help her get used to them. Do you have a friend with a dog? Ask if you can meet with them, and introduce her to one new dog at a time. Don't force any interaction, keep her on the leash so she will know you are right there with her. That first time at the dog park was probably just overwhelming. Start gradually, and you should be able to help her get over her fear.
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    It is not normal and most dogs have adapted by age 11 months. This is very common in dogs separated from mom dog and litter mates prior to age 12 weeks of age.

    You need to work with her on socializing. As Karen suggested, arrange play dates with someone so she sees one dog on a regular basis. A pup about her age will be best as they will eventually play together.

    Also, do you walk her? She needs to go on regular walks -- at parks, on bike paths, around the neighborhood. Keep a baggie of treats in your pocket. When no one is near and she is relaxed and happy: TREAT! Give her a treat, praise and petting. Let her know she is doing proper behavior. Reinforce that behavior. When someone approaches, start by crossing the street away from them. She can look from a distance and be fine and you TREAT! Again give her treats, praise and petting so she knows that is fine.

    When she shows signs of being scared, assess the situation. As long as she is safe, don't give in to her. Don't pick her up, or start talking to her. Just act as you would if she were NOT acting that way - keep walking, looking around, if you talk to her in a normal voice when walking keep that up (I get to be a regular chatter box on walks!)

    Did you complete the entire preschool course? Most are 6 or 7 weeks. She should have been getting used to the routine by that point. Did the instructor give any pointers to you?

    Take her to more classes. Go someplace that uses positive reinforcement training methods. You may find someplace near you using this search:

    APDT - American Pet Dog Trainers - I've been very pleased with instructors trained and certified by this organization.

    It's not going to happen if both of you stay home and snuggle, she needs time out with others - both dogs and people - to learn she is safe.

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    It may just be how she is if she doesn't live with another dog and perfectly normal if she is your only dog! Do not force other dogs on her if she is afraid of them. It's not the end of the world that she is. You can work with her though, you still have a chance. Freedom, you can't say it's not normal. It is normal for a dog that doesn't live with other dogs to sometimes be afraid of other dogs if they are not sharing their home with one.
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