Well, I told Butter's story on Cat General, and now it's Honey's turn. We moved last week, and I boarded Lilly and Honey to avoid the stress on them and me. I picked them up on Friday afternoon, brought them to their new home, and Honey refused to walk through the garage to come inside! LOL!!! She just put on her brakes and wouldn't move. I ended up having to pick her up to get her inside!!!

Well, she doesn't want to come in from the backyard now, and when she has, she has yet to come past the sofa in the den! She doesn't even know what the rest of the house looks like yet! She has escaped from the fenced backyard twice now, and both times, has walked right back in through the gate. She gets out, and thankfully is too frightened to go very far! I found the escape route (under the fence) and have fixed that now. That girl is going to give me a ruptured disk or a heart attack, I'm sure.

Lilly, on the other hand, thinks that I was made to get up and open the door for her to come back and forth from outside to inside. I see a doggy door in the near future.