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Thread: DECENT Mikey pictures! *13 pictures* and ONE training question!

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    DECENT Mikey pictures! *13 pictures* and ONE training question!

    Between everything I haven't had time to take Mikey out and get decent shots of him, I've been doing joint walking/training sessions with him the past few days - almost a week now - and I had treats out so he was actually looking at the camera. It just shows how awesome the pics my new camera takes are Anyway, here they are:

    Look ma, no one's holding my leash! (He's doin' pretty well with recall training, hoping for no more tie-out in the yard by Feb)

    Smiley boy!

    Perfecting his LAY down command! (with a treat of course)

    Sniffy boy...

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    Anyway, I also have a few training like I said, he is doing well with the whistle recall I'm doing. I've only been doing it for three days, but it seems that he's only listening for treats to me..but then again when I trained with Sassy she was the same way but eventually listened to me w/o treats. I just don't want him to think he's gonna be getting treats ALL the time after he's done with this training. And sometimes, even when he knows there aren't treats..he walks away but he will usually come when I blow the whistle. I'm just worried because sometimes he'll follow me because he KNOWS I have treats which is of course exactly what I want him to do, but I just want to be careful. Thanks for any tips!

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    You captured great shots, keep the new camera! He heee.

    I laughed at the "perfecting the down," he's even lowered his head a bit -- " is this down enough?" Ha ha haaaa

    You mentioned not using the tie out in future -- is there a fence? I'd hate to have him leave the yard!

    About treats. We were taught that "come" always gets rewarded with treats. Always, for the dog's life, furever. Because you don't want to take chances with this, you could be calling him to save his life. Other commands, with time we phase out the treats and reward with praise and cuddles, but "come" always get the full treatment: treat, dancing, clapping, cuddles, you name it.

    Worse case, the dog has gotten away from you and is heading for a busy road. You need to know that dog is going to stop, turn and COME. And yes your heart will still be pounding, thinking of the "what if."

    For the other commands, with a one hour training course once a week, and 2 training sessions per day of 15 minutes, we start phasing out treats for the initial commands on week 6. IF -- and only if -- the dog is doing the action correctly each and every time. Other commands, we are phasing out treats on our own after class has finished (or if we attended the next level, it is part of that course). Phasing out means sometimes you treat, sometimes you just to the praise and petting. First every other time, then every 3rd time, and so forth. For the life of the dog, there will be times you return to the treats, to re enforce the command. With luck, you do this BEFORE the dog forgets and ignores you, lol. Does this help?

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    I know some people do not use treats at all to train for this reason. You won't always have treats with you necessarily. But I do believe in the way that Sandie described. You eventually wean out using the treats. So they just never know if you are going to give them a treat or not. But they better come find out just in case.

    Oh LOVE the pictures too!!
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    Sandie, yep there is a fence, in the pics you can see it! I'm not sure how the heck she dealt with him in his old home, because he needs a tie-out here! Maybe my mom and I are just PARANOID, but if this boy got out of the yard, he'd be as good as DEAD. He chases animals AND cars, he'd be under a tire in 10 seconds flat. He might get lucky if he followed someone home but who knows if someone would be walking by. It's also his prey-drive, and the fact that we didn't want him in the pool, which isn't needed, he's a girl and scared of water anyway Thank you for that post, makes a bunch of sense! I am referring to physical food treats though. If he comes I'll certainly give him praise and cuddles in the future once I weed out the treats. I figure if I do go to the dog park or somewhere fenced in I'll have treats anyway, so that works out.

    LOL, yes they better come and check for sure! Dopes, they're all dopes!

    Mikey needs alot of work, he's a bit of a problem dog (nusiance barker, steals stuff, humps...yeah you get it). But we've dealt with it this long, what can 12 more years do? I'm really trying to get him trained out of chasing cars, jumping on people, and whistle recall. Those are the KEY things I HAVE to work on and I want to get it down by April as I *might* be going out of state for an Internship (that's another thread, I'm very excited) and I don't want my family left with my problem and don't want to have to come back and start all over again.

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    Mikey, you are adorable, and such a smarty pants. You keep learning and soon you'll do it because it has become habit and cause you want to make Mom and everyone else happy. Sending you a big hug and kiss.
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    He's so darn cute. I'm sure he'll get the hang of his training, you seem to be doing an excellent job so far .

    By the way, what kind of camera did you get?
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    Mikey, could you get any cuter? Good job with all the training, both of you!
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    Treats are not the only praise you can use. And since it's only been day three, expect to use those treats for a little while longer. You really want to get it in his head that come means AWESOME things. Does he play with toys, another great thing to use as a reward. When you eventually do start phasing treats out, start by getting them off your body, so keep them a couple feet away, recall, yayayayayay to the treats and reward. Keep getting them further and further away. You can also play with alternating rewards, play, praise, treat, treat, play, treat, praise, etc. And you will always want to do reminder training. Especially in new areas, I will treat every time I say come no matter what.
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    What a sweet, sweet, sweet boy! I just love his little face.
    He is so photogenic.

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    Mikey looks so handsome. I have used treats to train our dogs. After awhile just a good enthusiastic praise & petting worked too.

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