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Thread: Cats found because of Jack

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    Cats found because of Jack

    These cats were found, during the search for Jack the Cat - who is also now found and safe. But because stray are not tolerated at the airport, they have been taken to shelter and are in danger of being PTS.

    Please anyone who can, spread the word!
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    These poor cats have certainly been living rough and they are very uncomfortable where they are at present. The photos make you want to scoop them up and take them to a nice quiet bedroom in your home, and then to the vet asap.

    I sincerely hope some rescues on the east coast come forward. I'd take Skyler but certainly can't afford neuter, shots and a flight to the west coast for him. With all the publicity surrounding Jack, surely these cats will be safe. I hope we get updates.

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    The latest news I've read on Jack's FB page is that all these cats have potential adopters! What will be needed is people to help transport them to their furever homes. Anyone interested can check out

    I've already said that, depending upon the timing, I could help from Harrisburg, PA to Baltimore, MD.

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    Good news that potential adopters have been found! Prayers are being said and good wishes sent for these kitties in my "home town."

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