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Thread: 2 Years gone, but not forgotten....

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    2 Years gone, but not forgotten....

    2 years ago today I had to let my beloved Sasha go to the Bridge. I miss her so very much, but I know she's up there playing with sister Sami and no longer suffering the arthritis or deafness that had befallen her. She was abused before I got her and she was afraid of her own shadow. I knew the day I woke up nose to nose with her in bed that she'd decided I was hers. She was a goofy, loving, silly little girl. She was momma's girl and no one else's. I miss you baby. Sure hope you girls are having fun and know that I'll see you again one day.
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    They never really leave us in a way, and I am glad you have the dear memories of her still with you. Play nice at the bridge, girls!
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    Sasha's forever in your heart.
    Forever in my heart...

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    You can make monument for your buddy...i think it is the best cremation way...

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    I am planting cherry tree...for such a nice Sasha....


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