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Thread: Clover!

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    Congrats to one of our own, Audrey's beautiful Clover! She's such a gorgeous pup, love all the pics. Enjoy your special day sweet girl!

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    Clover, you're such a beautiful puppy and I too love your very unique eyes. Congrats on being DOTD!!!
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    Yay, It's Clover!! I always love seeing one of our very own pups as Dog of the Day. You are such a gorgeous Labbie girl, Clover. I think you are one of the prettiest Labs I've ever seen. I'm wishing you an extra special day. Congrats!!

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    Congrats to Clover on being Dog of the Day! You are very cute!

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    Hello Clover, I knew it was you immediately when I saw your beautiful unusual eyes. You are such a pretty girl! Your mom sure is proud of you and why not? I enjoyed the writeup and I hope you and your family have many years together. You're just a pup now and you all have so many memories to make. Congrats on being DOTD! Kay in NC

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    Yay, Clover! I'm so proud of her Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sowa View Post
    Yay, Clover! I'm so proud of her Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

    Congrats to Clover! She is such a gorgeous pupper. We love hearing about her and seeing her pics on PT. I was wondering when she would be nominated and chosen. Her photos have brought many smiles here on PT. Enjoy your day pretty Labbie girl. Hugs from all of us here!

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    Clover is so precious! No wonder you are so proud of her So happy your little sweetheart was chosen DOTD!!! You couldn't have picked a more perfect name by the way. Peace and love

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    Hello Clover, Ahhh, I knew that pretty face right away. So nice
    to see this beautiful pup as our sweet DOG OF THE DAY. Looking forward
    to seeing you grow up on PT. Hugs & kisses baby girl.
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    It's our Clover up there in that thumb nail! Hey sweet gal, lovely to see you. Oh I remember you as that wee baby and find it hard to remember you are now growing up. Enjoy your day, Clover!

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    Oh my gosh, it's Clover!!! Congrats on being our DOTD today pretty girl!!!
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    I usually don't look at any of the animals of the day, but I looked up and I Thought "Hey, that looks like Clover!" So, I clicked it and it was .

    Congratulations to both of you! I love the puppy picture, her eyes are SO green in it!
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    Clover! Congrats little girl (you've gotten so big!), love seein' your pic up there at the top!
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    OMGOSH! It's our very own Clover! I would recognize you anywhere, your beautiful and expressful eyes! Happy Dog of the Day to you! So happy!!!

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    Yay! Clover, Pet Talk's very own, is Dog of the Day!
    Congratulations from mw and my Lab Star! What a beauty you are, Clover, and not just in "looks" (those eyes), but more importantly in that true, loving Labrador spirit! What a precious heart healer and soul mate your mom has in you, Clover! You truly are one EXTRA special Labbie girl, and one most deserving Dog of the Day! Hope you're enjoying your big day in the spotlight, beautiful Clover! Lots of love, hugs, kisses and happy Labbie wiggles to you, from me and Star!

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