I realize that many of us with feline friends have to deal with Cancer. When I moved to CA I had two cats that came with me, Canterbury and Chaucer.

Both have since passed away from Cancer at advanced ages, 20 and 21. I still miss them and realize that I am grateful to be working and have the money to pay for treatment as it prolonged their lives for over a year.

Now I have two California cats, Cali(fornia, biracial, mostly black) and Digits (a Russian Blue) who are also rescues. They, along with Raina (Pompallion, Pom and Papillion mix) live here with me in the Bay area.

My heart goes out to all those whose furry families are dealling with this disease and the complicated decisions it can bring. Realize that no matter what your choice is, you have given your animal love, care, and a good home. They will be over the rainbow bridge waiting for you to join them someday.