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Thread: BROOKLYN NY: 2 ch kitties in desperate need of rescue group or adoption

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    BROOKLYN NY: 2 ch kitties in desperate need of rescue group or adoption

    Please help if you can, even if by passing this on to others you know who might be able to adopt them.. Many many thanks...


    Neville and Bean are two 3 year old CH cats. They are honestly the best pets a girl could ask for. They manage the litterbox fine and besides some extra cleaning and the occasional bathing (to which they're perfectly accustomed) they don't need much extra attention than any normal cat. And the best part, they are the two most snuggliest, affection, loving creatures EVER. They're favorite thing is to sit right under my neck and purr while we watch TV. They would spend all day in my lap or on my tummy if I didn't have things to do

    Sadly, my fiancee is severely allergic to them. We've tried pills, baths, special shampoos, quarantine... everything. The issue is that Jon is severely allergic to dander AND saliva. He can't even be at my apartment because it becomes tough for him to breathe.

    I'm devastated, but after more than a year of exhaustive effort and research, it's clear that I can't keep them and still live with my future husband.

    I am wondering if you can help me try to place them. The shelter I adopted them from has done absolutely nothing for the past 7 months, and I refuse to take them to a kill shelter.

    They've got no other medical conditions, are up to date with all their vaccinations and we'd give anyone who'd take them all their accessories, litterbox, bed, etc...

    I'm attaching a few photos that demonstrate how adorable they are, and I also created a youtube video here:​ch?v=QJgBU4oszpk

    I'd be grateful for any help at all...resources, no-kill shelters, online forums, adoption sites etc...

    I'm located in Brooklyn, New York. I'm also happy to have any prospective adopters come over and meet the cats before signing on.
    PLEASE CONTACT VICTORIA IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! [email protected] vmarini06 (AT)
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    I hope that you find good homes for them. And as for kill shelters some shelters are low kill and others high kill. A thing about no kill shelters is that they are no kill because they send only the animals that has to be pts to other places to be pts (but only the ones that needs it). So there are very few true no kill out there. (however they only pts rarely when they do). I just call no kill shelters extremely low kill shelters.
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