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Thread: Favorite part of fall?

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    Favorite part of fall?

    Fall is approaching. It's getting cooler, some of the leaves are changing!

    What are your favorite parts of the Fall season?
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    Its still 90 degrees here but I love fall....everything about it! I start making soups and lighting candles and stay at home socks...i could go on and on....but mostly I like the cooler temps.
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    I have to say living here in Pennsylvania in the fall, I love the leaves changing color. I have always thought to myself every fall...the leaves are dying but they are changing color and becoming more beautiful. Hidden meaning here?

    I drive over the mountain and through the country to work every day and it is just breath-taking.

    I can't decided if fall or spring is my favorite season.

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    It isn't really cooler here yet (going to be 106° on Wednesday... yuck!) but my favorite part of Fall is the cool mornings. I love the cool air in the mornings.

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    The cooler weather, and being able to wear sweatshirts again - my favorite attire since retirement, and being able to turn off the a.c. I love the changing color of the leaves too, but hate the mess when they "Fall". Love being able to get back to baking again, since I don't do any thru the heat of the summer.
    We've had Fall weather this weekend with temps below normal, but it's supposed to be back up in the 70's during the coming week. I can live with that! I spent yesterday getting out the warmer clothes like sweats and velours, and putting away the tank tops and capris. I bought a new winter jacket at Penney's last week in celebration of the upcoming cold.
    Last Wednesday it got up to 87 and that's the day I took Sparky to the groomer for his short cut. Poor pup is now shivering and I had to get out one of his sweaters. He was under the covers and snuggling up with me in bed last night, trying to stay warm. Such a little wimp!
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    The glorious changing colors of the landscape
    The smell of woodsmoke on a cool morning - not that I'll smell it here, but love that, cider and pumpkins and the scents of a fall morning,
    The first heavy frost that kills everything that makes pollen ...
    Hot tea on a cool evening
    Wat's not to like?
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    The cooler weather and the leaves changing color!
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    Halloween, leaves changing colors, and wearing hoodies and converse
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    The first week of October is usually the most beautiful here, with the leaves changing color. I also love the smell in the woods in autumn and walking in a thick layer of leaves, and watchingthe deer.

    Dyrehaven (Danish 'The Animal Garden'), officially Jægersborg Dyrehave, is a forest park north of Copenhagen. It covers around 11 square kilometres. Dyrehaven is noted for its mixture of huge, ancient oak trees and large populations of red and fallow deer.
    All entrances to the park have a characteristic red gate; one of the most popular entrances is Klampenborg gate, close to Klampenborg station. All the entrance gates have an identical gate house attached to them, which serve as the residences of the forest wardens. Dyrehaven is maintained as a natural forest, with the emphasis on the natural development of the woods over commercial forestry. Old trees are felled only if they are a danger to the public. It has herds of about 2000 deer in total, with 300 Red Deer, 1600 Fallow Deer and 100 Sika Deer. Dyrehaven is also the venue for the Eremitage road race (Eremitageløbet) and the yearly Hubertus hunt (Hubertusjagten) which is held on the first Sunday in November. In former times it was home to the Fortunløbet race, later known as Ermelundsløbet, but this race was discontinued in 1960.

    You can read more here:ægersborg_Dyrehave

    ... and see pictures here:

    It would suit me fine if it was spring for 3 months summer for 4 months, autumn for 3 months and winter for 2 months. Where do I have to move to?

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    I find as I get older I love the cold weather more and more. During the fall, my favorite place to be is up in the Catskill Mountains hiking. When the leaves are changing every turn in the trail is more breath taking than the one we just passed through. I love to smell the smoke from indoor fireplaces and watching all the animals stock up on their food and prepare for their winter's nap. But most of all, when fall comes winter is not far behind.

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    2 words: flannel shirts

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    Jack Frost with the crisp cold air so fresh to breath in. The leaves changing color but wish they would last longer before falling off the trees. The smell of burning leaves. Harvesting the garden & getting the soil amended for next spring. Lots to do & enjoy in the good old autumn outdoors.

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    The cooler weather!! We've had a pretty hot summer this year. I'm anxious for it to pass, but after a little cooler weather last week, it seems like its heating up again. Thank God for A/C!

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    I LOVE FALL!!! Fall and winters are by FAR my favorite seasons. I love the cooler weather, the festivities, Halloween, Thanksgiving, you name it!

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    Getting paid to scare the CRAP out of people during Fright Fest. I'm a Ghillie this year, basically a giant bush. I am so excited for it.

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