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Well, the problem is returning. He's going more frequently and his stools are loose He's eating only chichen and brown rice and after about 3 weeks of normal stools it's starting again. Any suggestions?
I'm so sorry to hear this. I feel your pain and frustration because he sounds just like my RB Starr. Starr was diagnosed with both Colitis and IBD. He had to be on prednisolone to help keep his diarrhea under control because diet alone never helped him. I kept switching diets at first and he would do well on them in the beginning but as soon as his system was used to them he would once again have severe diarrhea. I even went to a holistic vet and she gave him accupunture treatments and some herbal supplements to take as well. They helped some what but the only thing that helped to keep him making firmer stools was the pred which eventually made him gain so much weight that his little body couldn't handle the weight. I don't really know what to suggest for him. Starr was put on a grain free diet along with the pred which seemed to work out the best for him. Good luck.