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Thread: No Leg to Stand On

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    No Leg to Stand On

    Our male corgi, Bryan, tore his CCL yesterday. The vet-in-rotation (not our usual well-loved vet) sent him home with us last night. It's 9:00am and he hasn't peed or pooped since because the leg he injured is his "pee support" leg. How do we get him to go? He's on 2 kinds of pain meds, but clearly is in a lot of pain still. And we don't want him to do anything to injure the leg further. Does anyone have any experience with this? Ideas? Thanks in advance/Bryan's Mom.

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    I would think when he really needs to go, he'll figure out he can use the other leg. I'd give the vet's office a call if nothing has happened by late afternoon, though. Poor boy!
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    Poor Bryan.

    Will he need surgery to correct the tear?

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    If he acts lke he really needs to go potty, you could use a makeshift
    sling out of a beach towel & drape it under his belly as support.I would think
    complete rest until the pain meds kick in is important. What else is the Vet
    suggesting you do for him. Does the Vet have a plan of action?
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