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Thread: My beautiful Baron's breed is a mystery! Help!?!

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    My beautiful Baron's breed is a mystery! Help!?!

    Ive had my dog Baron for 14 years, and has always wanted to know what breeds were in her! Im hopeing someone has some ideas, please reply with any thoughts or comments They are always welcomed! Thanks!

    Here's some photos of her, shes a cutie!!!!!

    Thanks Hope you can help!

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    I would guess possibly Great Dane/St. Bernard mix. She is beautiful!
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    I also see some Great Dane, but no Saint Bernard, maybe German Shepherd, from her fur ...
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    Great Dane/Sheperd? Magnificent dog.
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    Thanks every one! I think shes a fine catch as well

    And i see the german shepard maybe from her fur, or even st. bernard.
    shes verryyy fluffy and sheds like crazy! But the work is worth it, because shes brightened our lives so much! Shes very smart also, its like she understands every word we say, And shes soooo friendly! Shes all around an amazing dog, even if shes not a pure breed!

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    I don't see any Saint in her, she's just too narrow! But ask any German Shepherd owner - sheds like crazy is an understatement! Especially in summer!
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    Maybe Great Pyrenees instead of St. Bernard. Definately some dane; something has to be making those ears fly.
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    I think she's part Panda with those black spots around her eyes.

    I have no guesses for the breeds other than what has already been posted. But I do know she is 100% adorable!!!
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    I've got it!!!!


    WOW! This one wasn't easy to figure out but I got it! After reseaching I believe that she is Great Dane and Border Collie Mix. I've worked with all types of dog in my 26 years of experiance and while looking at your dog I could clearly see the great dane, no problem but what else? I definitely knew that it was not a St. Bernard. However a German Shepard?! Nope not possible because the strongest gene in a German Shepard is the coat pattern. What I mean by that is she doesn't have the German Shepard markings. Then I looked real hard at your dog and saw the Border Collie.

    To find more info on the Border Collies go to and see if she has any of the same characteristics.

    As far as the shedding is concerned that trait belongs to the Great Dane.

    I hope this helps and remember to support your local Humane Societly.

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    acextreme, there are totally white purebred German Shepherds, and my childhood Shepherd was a black and tan more like Doberman, and I have seen those in purebred Shepherd as well!
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    She's lovely.

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