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Thread: ~~Dan's New Pole Game!!~~

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    ~~Dan's New Pole Game!!~~

    Dan Invents a New Game

    Had to share this with you all.

    Most of you know I'm recovering from an injured wing and since the arm op., I've been having regular physiotherapy - which means I have to do my exercises 3 or 4 times a day.
    Most of these exercises mean I have to lie on the floor with a pole to help push my injured arm to help regain movement.
    So Dan has decided this is HIS new game!! He chases the pole as I use it - this includes running across my tummy - jumping over my head and ending up sat on my tum!! Trouble is I spend most of the time laughing at his antics and not doing many exercises!! Sure this is very beneficial hehehe!!


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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)

    Re: ~~Dan's New Pole Game!!~~

    Originally posted by lynnestankard
    Dan Invents a New Game Trouble is I spend most of the time laughing at his antics and not doing many exercises!! Sure this is very beneficial hehehe!!
    That sounds so cute! For some reason Tubby & Peanut really like it when I lay on the floor for exercises too. Maybe it's because they think we're finally down to their level.

    But as for the laughing at him instead of doing the exercises...well..they say laughter is the best medicine, so I think you're still doing good.
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    ROTFL! I can just picture it Lynne - but as T & P's mom says, laughing is the best medicine! - and you get your tummy muscles trained too!

    I do hope your arm is improving rapidly!

    Can we get some pics of the performance?

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    Will we be seeing Dan in the Pole Vault at the next Kitty Olympics??

    I was just thinking the other day....when will we ever get to see Lynne's babies????????

    How's the arm doing?

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