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    Jemima & Daffy

    I loved reading all about you two, Jemima & Daffy! Congratulations on your 5 ducklings and of course being chosen POTD. I used to have a white duck that I hatched in an incubator. Her name was Jerusha. Hope you have a wonderful celebratory day, getting lots of juicy worms dug for you by your devoted Mum.

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    You 2 are cute! I love the ducklings! Nice pond!!

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    Hello, Jemima and Daffy and family! I'm with Ava Joy-- I loved reading all about you, the dynamic duo! How wonderful that you stick together so well I'm glad I got to meet you and see your pictures today! Happy Pets of the Day!
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    Jemima & Daffy what a darling duo you are!!!

    I loved seeing your wonderful pictures and reading about you. What a lovely family you have. Your ducklings are so cute. I bet it's lots of fun having you all around. I hope you are all enjoying your special day to the fullest.

    Congratulations, sweeties, on being our very special Pets of the Day!!!
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    Hi beautiful Jemima and Daffy! A very happy Pet of the Day to you both! How lucky we are to have not just one but TWO beautiful ducks as our very special honorees! And what a precious pair you make! The unbreakable bond of friendship and love you share with each other, and your Mum, is very special indeed, and truly heartwarming!

    I so enjoyed reading all about you, and the wonderful life you have been blessed with, complete with garden and pond! Of course I'm sure you'd be happier still if your Mum would only take down that pesky kitchen barricade!

    And your photos! How precious are they! I love that one of you, Daffy, "fighting" with your reflection (silly boy), and you beautiful Jemima, watching over yor baby ducklings, is simply precious! How can your human family keep from smiling??? And speaking of smiles, I can just imagine the smiles on the faces of your skin brother's classmates when you two waddled into the room on Pet Day, hehe! I'm sure you both were quite the hit, just as you are here today!

    Thanks for the big smiles, Daffy and Jemima! I hope you're enjoying a very happy, fun and love filled day, being spoiled rotten! (Mum's going to be doing a lot of digging today, no doubt!)
    Love and gentle cuddles to you, beautiful Daffy and Jemima! Long and happy life to you both!

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    Daffy and Jemima

    Dear Friend,
    Thanks so much for sharing your ducks with us. My family and I love ducks, and all birds, actually. Your birds look like what we call "Mallards" here in the U.S.A., even to the curled tail feathers of the mail. I wish I lived where I could have some ducks but it's not to be, at least right now.
    Again, thanks for sharing your wonderful duckies with us. I really enjoyed them.
    May the Lord bless and keep you and your loved ones, along with your ducks and other pets, too.
    My love to all in Jesus, my Lord,
    Jim Grayson
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    Jemima and Daffy, you are so adorable!! And I love teh pics with your ducklings! It sounds like you have a great life there with a family that loves you!! Congrats on being Pet(s) of the Day!!
    Have a very 'tiel day!
    - John

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    Hello there Jemima & Daffy.. Your Both so Adorable.. Congrats on Pet of the Day..

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    Jemima and Daffy

    Jemima and Daffy are so wonderful!!! I love your ducks. I love ducks and Jemima Daffy are the very best of the best Peace and love, excellent pet of the day!!!

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    Jemima and Daffy

    Forgot to mention how priceless the ducklings are xoxoxoox

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    Oh oh oh, after sending her over here to nominate them, I MISSED IT!

    See Karen, I TOLD you folks would love reading about those crazy ducks of yours! LOL

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    Thank you so much for your kind replies. The Khaki Campbells are domesticated ducks which have originated from Mallards and I admit the male looks very similar (especially with his spring feathers and lovely green head, which changes to a dark brown colour after breeding season) as does the female but the KK female is brown all over and mallard females have beautiful green / blue feathers at the end of each wing. I must apply again and try to show you Donald my beloved old female Mallard (yes I know she had a male name) but she truly was a very funny duck.

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