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Thread: Turned My Closet Into...

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    Turned My Closet Into...

    Elle's new home.

    The way my room is currently setup, my dog's crate is in a corner and overhangs in front of my closet door by about 3-4 inches. So, for the last year or two, you cannot open the closet door without moving her crate, so it was used to just store a bunch of useless junk. We have two large walk-in closets in the other part of the house, so that's where my clothes always hung and I stored my stuff anyways.

    So, I decided today to empty out the closet, donate the stuff to the thrift store, remove the door, and turn the small closet into Elle's new home. Despite being a small closet, it's still much bigger than her already very large cage.

    I ripped up the carpet, and under her blankets (which are changed daily), is just the original wooden floor. I'm going on my day off Wednesday to pick up some vinyl flooring that will be going down, and some panel edging (the decorative strips that go along the floor, to seam the corner where the flooring meets the wall). She has a long flourescent tube bulb that's mounted to the shelf that's fixed along the top of the closet (not seen in the pics). You can see the cord in one of the photo's, as it's still a work in progress to finish making everything look nice and tidy.

    Everything should be completely finished within this week. So far, Elle seems to be loving it, and has been busy exploring.

    Okay, a few pics. These are all from my cellphone, I'll get better pics soon.

    Clearing out the closet (with Audubon's help, lol)...

    Elle's Closet by Fetcharoo, on Flickr

    All clear. Photo's before I removed the old carpeting (back from when my room originally had carpet, now it's vinyl flooring).

    Elle's Closet by Fetcharoo, on Flickr

    Elle's Closet by Fetcharoo, on Flickr

    Elle's in her new castle exploring...

    Elle's Closet by Fetcharoo, on Flickr

    Elle's Closet by Fetcharoo, on Flickr

    That's her hay box she is digging in, though it was empty at the time

    Elle's Closet by Fetcharoo, on Flickr

    Elle's Closet by Fetcharoo, on Flickr

    "Oh hai!"

    Elle's Closet by Fetcharoo, on Flickr

    I think she likes it!

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    Wow, Elle! What a terrific castle you have!

    P.S. for Audubon, I've got a closet that needs help in the worst way... I wish you could help me!
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