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Thread: My cat has blood in his stool

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    My cat has blood in his stool

    my cat zues has had bllod in his stool for the last 2 days. Its bright red and on the top of the stool. He is a 9 yr old tabby he is a touch over weight. I recently brought me plants from my deck inside as i was working out of town for a week. He was chewing on them a bit as was his sister who is perfectly fine. I have removed them today. During his last bowel movement there was blood present and he threw up right after, then countinued to be his normal self. Any idea if its a problem caused by the plants or another medical condition. Vets are closed till monday as tommorow is a holiday due to july first falling on a sat, so the vets are closed is it serious enough to go to the emergency after hours clinic?

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    Yes, there are many reasons it could be happening, I'd call the emergency vet and see what they say. But as the blood is bright red, that's worrying, so better safe than sorry.
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    Take a "fresh" stool sample with you. Yes, do go. Four more days is too long to wait.

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    Yes - definite cause for concern and action. It could be something simple like a broken vein (maybe from straining, etc?), yet could be a more serious issue too. Bright red blood means that it's closer to the end of the intestine, and not further up toward the stomach (then it would look very black and tar-like).
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    Yes, definitely give the emergency vets a call.
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    Ditto to all the posts. Please update us when you can.

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