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Thread: blood in stool!

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    blood in stool!

    So i just purchased a seven week old yorkshire terrier 4 days ago and i found that she wasn't eating the food that the breeder had been giving her( Puppy Iams). So I had poured about 1 tablespoon of warm organic soy milk to the dry food and she ate it. Two days later she had diahrea* and a slight bit of blood on her puppy pad. So when i woke up this morning she was making noises as if she was gagging. So i assumed she was a bit dehydrated and bought some baby pedialite and bottle fed her about 1 teaspoon of unflavored pedialite mixed with 1 tablespoon of warm water. Also I went and bought Royal Canin Baby Dog food which she loved and is able to eat because of the small soft pieces. My question is, was it the soy milk that caused her to get ill or was it possibly something else??

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    First of all, 7 weeks is a little young to bring a new puppy home. Usually, with the smaller breeds especially, a puppy shouldn't be weaned from it's mommy until 10 -12 weeks old (larger puppies, 8-9 weeks). At 7 weeks old, they are going through a fear stage and they still need their mommy's antibodies from her milk.

    However, now that you have your little baby, I would get him to a vet quick!!! If there's blood in the stool and he's not eating, it could be parvo - he will get dehydrated quickly - I hope it isn't and I hope I don't scare you. It could have been the milk because milk is known to cause diarrhea in dogs but the blood is what concerns me. Plus if he's gagging, he may be trying to vomit which is another indication of parvo. Get to the vet NOW! Even if it isn't, you want to be safe!
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    I agree get her to the VET ASAP. None of those signs are any good. She was young when you brought her home but thats my least concern. My neigboor got a Chihuahua mix puppy at like 5 weeks and he did fine. My consern is if she has no shots it could easily be Parvo and you dont want that, especially if you have other pets at home. If its Parvo and your girl has it she needs to see a vet immediatly. If Parvo is gone you will need to clean your home as well, the virus still lives inside and if you bring any other pet inside she/he will catch it.

    It might also be due to a diet chance? Or treats if you give her any.

    I have a 15 month old Scottie. Now i am not sure if she is pregnant we will find out at day 50-55, but thats not my point. My point is that she started to have Diahreah plus a weird yellow mucus on her stool. I took her to the vet immediatly to get some test done and nothing was wrong. Then a couple days later i remember giving her this nasty looking treats, apprently she liked them but they where doing her wrong. So i trew them out and she started to get better. Now the mucus is all gone and she is back to her self. This happend two weeks ago.
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