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    Hi im new here i just found this GREAT site i wish id found it long ago i would of like to share what my black lab stormy was up to but she went to heven may 7th. and i dont mind telling you i will miss her every day the rest of my life. But with that said i will come here and read your storys about your pets and if you dont mind ill share some about my stormy. So thank you for this site.

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    Kinda odd im surprised noone welcome me to the site . I see everyone else new got welcomes

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    Oops, sorry, just been pretty busy. Welcome! Feel free to make a memorial thread for Stormy up in Dog Memorial, that's what it is there for!
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    Hi and Welcome!

    Please tell us a bit about Stormy, now and then. I am sorry for your loss.

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    Please forgive me if i seemed rude i really didnt mean to be rude. With the loss of Stormy im not really myself yet. Ireally do think this is a great site and you are very kind people. Imiss my best friend


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