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    Huck, you certainly are a handsome boy. I love the picture with the mountain behind you. happy dotd to you
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    Hi there hunky handsome Huck! A very happy Dog of the Day to you, sweetheart! Oh, if yours isn't one fab, "all American" name (even if you are an Aussie)! Speaking of Aussies...leave it to an Aussie, and a "mini" at that, to manage fitting that BIG a ball in your small mouth! hehe True to your beloved breed you're quite the impressive athlete, along with being as smart as they come! And your photos are both beautiful and breathtaking, and capture your athleticism, your spirit and magnificence, to perfection! (What gorgeous scenery as well!) But for me your "cherry on top" can be found in your loyal and loving personality, your anything but "mini sized" golden heart; in your selfless role as therapy dog, bringing SO much joy and comfort to those in need with your very special brand of unconditional, non judgmental love!

    Bravo Huck! Your proud family's loving, heartfelt tribute is testimony as to just how special you are, Huck! You truly are "one in a million," a goodwill ambassador for Aussies and all pups, near and far! Dog of a Lifetime, that is what you are, and so very, very deserving of the title Dog of the Day!
    What a joy it was meeting you today, Huck! I hope for you and your wonderful family, all of your friends, your dear fans at the assisted living village, a very happy day of celebration, and countless more wonderful years together! BIG hugs and kisses to you, precious Huck!

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    Huck, you sound like a winner! I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a mini Aussie! Live and learn!

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    Oh wonderful to read about your talents and huge heart. You teach us a good lesson - to open our hearts and listen...let people cry if they need it - give them a hug. Huck, you should receive a medal for what you are doing. I cried reading your story - not sad tears, but tears of amazement for who you are and what you do. Congratulations on being a most SPECIAL Dog of the Day.

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    Hello Huck,

    I am very happy to meet you sweet boy. You are a wonderful
    representative of your breed. A smart, loving and active fellow like you
    you sure brightens my rainy day. Congratulations on being our deserving
    DOG OF THE DAY. Sending our lots of hugs & kisses just for you.
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    I am so happy Huck is our Dog of the day!! He is such a beautiful shiny dude!!! Love comes shining through Huck Thanks for a great DOTD Peace and love

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    Thank you all so much for all the kind words to my dear sweet Huckleberry. Huck came into my life in May of 2008. I had just put my young JRT down for human aggression and 6 month earlier had lived through the horrifc wildfires here in San Diego, losing my home, all my things and worst of all 5 horses, I saved my 3 dogs 4 horses and the clothes on my back. I was at a all time low when I decided I wanted to get a different breed other then a JRT. I chose a Mini Aussie, found Huck's breeder and he came home on May 21st, 2008 at 10 weeks old. He is a darling boy and he has truly made my life better. Here we are at the Assisted Living the day he passed his therapy dog test

    Callie and Wyatt

    By the way my name is Rhonda,besides Huck I also share my life with Wyatt a 6 year old JRT, a darling boy who unfortunately has bad knees so his performance career has been limited, but is also a certified therapy dog, dabbles in agility, is a champion earthdog and is also Huck and my partner in crime as we hike the hills and mountains of Southern California and just the best little white dog around
    Also Callie, my 11 year old mixed breed who was rescued off the streets of La Paz, Mexico as a puppy. She is now retired from flyball and agility but still loves to hike and is an awesome therapy dog. I also own a 20 year old Arabian gelding named Slick that I have owned his entire life and owned his mother. My animals have given me a fantastic life and I have met some awesome people because of them, they totally make my life wonderful and could not imagine life without them.
    Hiking up in Northern Calilfornia in the Sierras

    Here is Slick and I last year.

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    Wow! What an amazing boy you are, Huck! You have everything: good looks, compassion, tenderness, understanding, agility.. if you were human, I'd marry you!
    You deserve a very special Dog Of The Day status!

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    Handsome Huck!

    What a beautiful, intelligent dog you are! I know that everyday is DOTD for you!


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