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    Ohmy goodness Maya your picture laying on the beach is just too cute! I'm glad you have a family that loves you and takes you on vacation to boot! Happy dotd to you sweet girl
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    You are such a cutie! i am partial to chi's since i have a long haired little girl myself,she is also very socialized and will go to anyone and loves running like a big dog on the beach-so i can see you taking maya anywhere you go
    let out a laugh when i got to your last pic on the beach soooooo adorable!

    have a great dotd~

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    Hello Maya; you are such a pretty little girl! I love chi's and have one myself who is also very friendly plus she loves to walk with us. It was a pleasure to read about such a sweet little dog and I totally enjoyed all the cute photos. I hope you and your family will have many years together. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    What a cutie pie !!! Love all the pics and love that you get to travel the world with your family !!!
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    Greetings and a very happy Dog of the Day to you beautiful Maya! Oh, what an adorable little pupster you are; diminutive in size, but HUGE in spirit and heart! And oh my, aren't you quite the fashionista and world traveler! Love your choice of outerwear, and that's one most impressive, big piece of bling you're wearing! Bet those fashion savvy Parisians were mighty impressed, watching you sachet down the Champs Elysées! But when I laid eyes on that shot of your bathing beauty self, sunning on the beach, I blew my coffee up my nose! lol That's one of the sweetest pet pics I've ever seen! How lucky your family is, having a life and adventure loving sweetheart of a furkid in you,'re the best!
    Congrats and lots of love and cuddles to you on your big day, sweetheart! Wishing for you and your family a very happy Dog of the Day, many more happy adventures traveling the world, and countless more wonderful years together!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Maya is so miniscule and cute I can hardly stand it !!! What a great DOTD Just love her Peace and love

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    Hello Maya,

    I am pleased to meet you & see all of your pictures. You are a cutie.
    It is good that you are such a good traveler, you get to go on fun trips with
    your people. You look adorable in your pictures Maya. Congratulations on
    being chosen as our sweet DOG OF THE DAY. Hugs & kisses sweetie.
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    Hi Maya!!!

    We don't get here much lately but we clicked on your picture and fell in love!! What a little sweetheart you are. We know what Chihuahua love is like. Congratulations on being our DOTD Maya. Have a great day!!! Happiness always!!! The picture of you on the beach is priceless!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Already Hot Hot Hot Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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