Seven years, it has been. Seven long, agonizing years as I waited and waited-- beneath the earth's crust, banished by the great Karen from the society of Pet Talk. And now, it is finally my time. It is the time of Meow meow strawberries.

My tale begins seven years ago. At a young age, young Meow meow strawberries stumbled into the civilization of PetoftheDay, finding the true power that lies within cats and discovering new possibilites and delivering helpful advice across the land, such as "I can't seem to help. Sorry. I might figure something out soon. Don't worry." And using smiley faces such as and :d.

Then, one summer's morning Meow meow strawberries awoke to a saddening sight. The messenger delivered to me a letter from the one called Karen, asking if the young Meow meow strawberries had really lived seven cycles. The young Meow meow strawberries was an honest soul, and therefore confirmed the great Karen's statement. Then, with one foul swoop, Karen crashed the hammer of justice to the head of Meow meow strawberries and said, "Then you are hereby banished from the land of Pet Talk. Young ones are not permitted within these lands. You must return in seven years."

I had done and given nothing to the Pet Talk society but understanding and thoughtful observation, and were my good deeds returned? No. They were returned with banishment. I would close my eyes every night before bed and begin to shed tears, tears for the memories of kittens and advice and the memories that were now shattered. I was forced underground, forced to live a life of seclusion and rejection. Never had the meow meow strawberries been so defeated.

I thought it was the end. I thought I would give up. Did you think I would give up? Surprise, Karen. Seven years. Seven years, here I am. Meow meow strawberries. Meow meow strawberries is back again.

I break through the ground and shatter all those in it's path.
The war has been won, at a terrible cost.