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Thread: Dog Stairs - DIY Plans! Photos, Post #5

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    Dog Stairs - DIY Plans! Photos, Post #5

    January, 2008, I bought these stairs, specifically for Marlin.

    Of course, all the dogs use them -- and the cats do as well! Why jump when you can step? lol. The cats also scratch the rug pillars.

    I need another set of stairs, about the same height. The ones I have are no longer made; and most stairs of a 30 inch height are EXPENSIVE!

    So I searched online, found DIY plans and adapted it for what I need. I hope to make them this weekend. I did this in "Paint." I will have to cover the foam board with fabric of some sort as the cats will want to scratch.
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    I lined up 4 pillows from the couch on the floor for my 3 month old Pap. That way he is independent and he loves it.

    For my 12 year old chi/x that I just lost in January, I had a box with a pillow on top of it. He never liked those stairs but he wanted to do everything himself.

    These DIY's both worked great for the pooches.

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    Foam board - what a great idea. I'll have to file that idea away for possible future use. Thanks Sandie.
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    That is great! I will try it for Precious and Ben. Precious is very small and also has arthritis so presently has to be lifted on and off everything. Ben can mange to jump up ok but I don't know if it is good for him so maybe he will use the steps too. Thank you Sandie!
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    I made the stairs this afternoon, it took about an hour. I haven't decided what (if anything ) to do about covering them, with fabric or so on.

    So, you start with one sheet of foam:

    You cut your pieces. Remember, 3 pieces per level / step. Use a serrated bread knife (about $3 at Target) or I used the saber saw. I suggest you do the cutting outside, as the styrofoam makes a LOT of bits as you cut. Willy helped, along with all the pups.

    It is a bit windy out today, so I decided to apply the adhesive in the garage.

    When you move up a level, remember to leave the 6 inches in front FREE of adhesive. I forgot on the 2d level.

    Tasha inspects the finished product.

    Marlin was circling, checking up as well.

    A few more photos to come.

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    Tasha again. Doesn't look like she has moved, does it? LOL, she'd been sniffing them over and looked up when I called.

    Front view

    In place in the Living Room. Lacey gave them a try.

    You may recall Chestnut has lost the ability to jump. He LOVES to sun bathe in the front window. So I made sure to show him the stairs. He had to check them out right away! I knew he would use them, as he has been using the stairs to get up on my bed since he lost his jump.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy this was to make! I wouldn't suggest it for a large dog, the foam won't stand up to their weight. But for cats and bichons, works great!

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    What a great idea. I actually bought some pet stairs at a cat show made out of berber carpet and my cats love to use it like a scratching post. Sometimes they use the stairs but they usually just sit on them or scratch them. I don't think that foam would last very long in my home because if you remember Alani loves to tear up things.LOL
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    Looks fun! And awesome. I think an awesome fabric would be fun. Lol
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