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Thread: Aww, cutest pony EVER!

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    Aww, cutest pony EVER!

    I usually hang out at the barn for a couple hours after my lesson. Generally I just do whatever chores are written on the board and help little kids get ready for their lesson, but occasionally my trainer will ask me to get on another horse and exercise them.

    Yesterday she offered to let me get on Skeeter, the smallest pony in the barn. I'm just over 5'8", so it was a liiiiittle unexpected.

    Skeeter, while being incredibly adorable, is a bit of a brat haha. He kept spooking at really silly things and actually almost got me off twice because he's so agile - we'd be cantering along and then all of the sudden we were five feet to the right, haha. His bucks were so much fun to ride, though - they felt like a normal horses' trot stride!

    Getting him ready [yes, he really is that dainty aha]

    Me on the demon pony:

    I got some strange looks from the parents watching their kids ride, but it was so fun! Felt like sitting on a fence but who cares.

    I also had a fantastic lesson on Fry - my mom didn't record it but I jumped him a 2'6" oxar
    [No one in the lesson jumped those huuuuge ones, those were left over from my trainer hehe]
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    Aww, what a cute pony! Great video!
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    He is a cutie, but I can see the mischief in his eyes!
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    Pony!!! Lucky duck. I love spunky little ponies.
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    Aww...what a sweet pony! Such a lovely little thing

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    Thanks, guys Skeeter is so adorable!

    I took a tumble off Frenchie [horse in the video] on wasn't that bad, he refused/spun to the side and I hung on for about 1/2 of the revolution before bailing. I almost landed on my feet but alas, I'm not that coordinated. I think I pulled something in my shoulder from hanging on as long as I did though...
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    Skeeter is definitely a cutie!
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