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Thread: Sick Guinea Pig (help)

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    Sick Guinea Pig (help)

    I own 2 guinea pigs currently and I've had others in the past.

    Austin is about 2 years old and he's been looking sick. He is acting normal but the following is whats wrong with him:

    weight loss (from 1100g, now 800g)
    eyes and nose "crusting up"
    hair loss on the tummy and feet area
    trouble going poop or it comes out in clumps
    bad smells

    I have another 2 year old guinea pig, Cody, and we bought them both at the same place but different times (live in separate cages). Cody is perfectly fine and his weight had been constant so we compare them.

    If anyone knows whats wrong with Austin, please help. I've been to the vet once years ago and they didn't do much because not many people specialize in small animals but we still had to pay a lot just for going there.

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    Definitely sounds like a vet visit is needed. Call around and find one who knows something about piggys. Good luck, and keep us updated please.
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    Yup, I agree w/ Ellie, vet visit NOW. Poor piggy is suffering, this is not a good thing.

    And as she says, call around and find one who will take some time and knows small animals.

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