The thread started by Krazyaboutkatz about Wellness cat food got me thinking. Can I just ask some questions? If these are too invasive, please let me know and I'll pipe down. Krazyaboutkatz, or anyone else who uses the higher quality cat foods ... what did your kitties eat before you started them on the Wellness food? Was there a specific reason why you switched? What changes have you seen in your kitties since you started them on special food? Your kitties are so precious and beautiful. I love to see pictures of them. I can tell they are well cared for.

I have always fed Cassie grocery store cat food because that is what she was getting at the shelter. They now feed all their cats Hill Science Diet. I am wondering if I should switch Cassie over. The vet said it would be fine to switch her over at her age; the only change I should see would be that the higher end food is more expensive. I know there are some on PT who cook for their kitties, but the vet thought I could feed the best balance of nutrition to her by using a purchased product. She doesn't seem to mind supermarket food; and why would Petsmart carry it if it was inferior? Is there a difference between the Wellness, Hill Science Diet, Iams, Blue Buffalo etc. and others. Petsmart even has their own line.

Again- if these questions are too intrusive, please let me know and i apologize in advance.

Thank you,