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Thread: Raw food question

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    Raw food question

    I recently did up a batch of ground elk, leaving pink in it, and rice for an elderly cat at the kennel. I had a container left, so tried it on my herd. They got to really like it!

    I did too -as the litter boxes didn't stink hardly at all! lol

    I will still use some of the Origen kibble on top. My question is - can I use ground beef from the store?

    It would be way more affordable for me. But how much to feed for 2 twelve pound cats and 1 ten pound cat? And is there taurine in raw meat?

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    I don't know that I would trust feeding raw meat from the grocery store. This meat has gone thru some pretty nasty, dirty slaughter houses and extremely unsanitary procedures/practices, before it gets packaged. Cooking it shouldn't be a problem, but raw??? - no way I'd chance it. Some of the pieces that have aired on t.v. about slaughter houses and the meat that come out of them, is enough to make you sick just watching it - never mind actually eating it!
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